No Public Meetings Allowed – Irish Water Commission



The farce that is “The Irish Water Commission” continues to become exposed for the sick expensive joke it is, being tried played on the citizens of Ireland. The latest news about it is that it won’t now be holding any public meetings. The issue that’s supposed to serve the people, won’t be took to the very people! Is that irony or just more double-standards from the usual rotten elected?

Instead, either through sheer cowardice or up to political antics, those that are willing to be complicit in this farce, are to hold all its meetings only behind closed doors.

The commission beyond Fine Gael and those who support it, has little or no credibility. RTE continue to spin it to Ireland citizens on behalf of FG but opposition groups, parties and individual people more see it as one more stunt to try back-door ramming home a water re-charge process.

The commission stacked as Fine Gael would like, will inevitable come back with a way to justify walloping the people of Ireland once again, for something they already pay for through multiple taxation areas.

The commission (Fine Gael in other words) wishes to find a way to get the public sector convinced somehow, to accept a process they will either back or invent so that citizens again are deprived of more of their finances – again for the same thing!

They want the public to ‘buy’ their eventual obvious direction conclusion – while excluding the mass Ireland public from their operations in supposedly trying to find it for public consumption! Excluding the very people it is supposed to be working for, further adds only to its zero credibility.


Safe Bet?

The end result of this commission can be fairly predicted.

  1. It will say that water recharging must continue – if only as the EU says so! (Parties trying to pass the blame – fooling no one).
  2. There will be nothing said about the “free pass” that existed for years which rotten political parties quietly let lapse, to suit their own agenda!
  3. The public will later be made pay yet again by a quiet alternative means – and the commission will recommend this alternative path be taken.
  4. The existence of “Irish Water”, the private registered company possible illegal set-up under EU competition law, should be allowed continue.
  5. The government handing over lock, stock and barrel everyone’s personal details by digital means, to a private company – will NOT arise. That serious issue will be completely avoided!
  6. There most certainly will be nothing stated to indicate that the public is already paying on average around €2 Billion every year through taxation, for water services.

If you are a betting person, take the above to your local bookies and see what odds you might get!


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  1. I have been saying all along the people must remove the meters as quickly as they are installed. This is quite easy and only requires a simple blanking plug to replace the meter and that is it. Without meters IW water cannot bill householders – its that simple. The citizens rejected water metering and charging at point of use and are thus lawfully carrying out their own wishes – which this despicable government are unwilling to do. Wake up people – we have the power!

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