#NOMÁS – The Venezuelan Situation.

On the 15th of April 2017 Venezuelans all around the world congressed in the places they now reside to say #NoMás or #NoMore when translated into English. 200 Venezuelans gathered in Smithfield Square, Dublin to help raise awareness among the Irish people. This was happening in 45-50 other countries around the world from the USA, South America to Europe.

The Venezuelans wanted to bring to the attention of the countries they are now based of the hardship and dictatorship that is back in their homeland. In Venezuela it is hard to find food and everyday items for the house and the currency is all but worthless due to hyperinflation. If that was not bad enough being hungry and finding daily life a struggle the police have started to shoot people dead who protest about these hardships.

This is all happening in a country that has the most oil in the whole world.  But the benefits are not being seen by anyone but a cartel at the top of the current government.

We see the posters all around us at the moment.  PROTEST IS NOT A CRIME.  Imagine not only being arrested for protesting, but getting shot at by police for protesting. Since Hugo Chavez’s death in 2012/13 Venezuela has become ever increasingly totalitarian and is now a complete dictatorship. President Nicolas Maduro has ignored the democratically constitutional will of the people when they collected signatures to have an early presidential election using their constitutional right of recall. There was national assembly elections in 2015 but Maduro has blocked each measure the new government has tried to introduce to better the everyday lives of Venezuelans.

The police have shot dead 6 people just this week for protesting, many more are being arrested and “disappearing”.  How long will the world stay silent?  And further how long will “democratic” parties here in Ireland remain silent and not voice their objections to such brutality and abuse of power?

UnitedPeople believe democracy must be retained and believe also that people have a right to peaceful protest.

UnitedPeople demands that Maduro recognise the right to recall and hold the referendum to hold early presidential elections immediately.

UnitedPeople will do what they can to support the Venezuelan people in whatever way they can.

Alistair Smith

National Co-Ordinator

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