Noonan Letter Missing. Irish Media Quiet.

censored  RTE and other media, some considered political biased, again have declined to disclose issues that have been exposed and then reported on by press beyond Ireland. The latest issue, possible to be tried kept away from public ears and eyes, relates to a letter Michael Noonan is said to have sent during a long period of time when a female was thought victim to sexual abuse (news LINK).

A woman called Grace, unable to speak, is thought to have been continuously sexually abused and physically neglected via a HSE-approved foster home in the South-East of Ireland. Grace resided at the foster home from the 1980s until seven years ago. Her existence there continued despite concerns raised from 1992 onward about the set-up. Within the property, 47+ other possible vulnerable children and teens at different times, passed through.

In 1996 the foster father at the residence under serious question wrote to to Mr Noonan, the then health minister, requesting him to stop Grace from being removed. Why? Was someone afraid once she was outside possible bullying attempts to keep her quiet, she might have been able to communicate what was maybe going on in another way? That and other questions remains unresolved – and still unasked by others.

What is known is that shortly thereafter the foster father contacted Mr Noonan, a letter was sent from Mr Noonan’s department to the South Eastern Health Board in August 1996. Very shortly afterwards, a decision was then made to leave Grace in the foster home. Despite the risk to her (and possible others continuing), Grace was forced to remain for another incredible 14 years.

The letter that was sent has now gone inconveniently (or conveniently?) missing.

Mr Noonan now says the letter stated Grace’s case was not a matter for the Department of Health, but for the health board.

In February this year a Department of Health representative (Frances Spillane) appeared before the Private Accounts Committee (PAC) and stated on record that the government did indeed have a copy of the letter – now missing.

The Department of Finance, backing up Mr Noonan, have stated he had nothing to add to his previous statement in given in February, saying that he had no influence in the decision to keep Grace in the foster home.


HSE bid to sack ‘Grace’ whistle blower – LINK

Track History

It is not the first time in the history of a Fianna Fail or Fine Gael led state, that has been unwilling to deal with situations surrounding sexual abuse or those carrying such acts out.

Cardinal Sean BradyIn recent history it was discovered that one Cardinal Brady knew of a serial sexual abuser (Fr Brendan Smyth) for over 13+ years and did nothing to see the man brought to justice or even stopped by the state. Instead, Brady stayed silent to those he should have gone to, as the abuser allegedly continued on his gross attacks (typical news LINK).

Brady also made alleged attempts to silence those that were abused before legal authorises might have discovered more (LINK). By allegedly scaring or threatening kids and parents into silence within his own office, again the original culprit was able to continue his own acts.  The state has known about this now for many years and still they refuse to hold Cardinal Brady to account. In fact, despite knowing that he stayed silent, they have at times, actually wined and dined him on various occasions since.

Fianna Fail and Fine Gael governments also allow various religious organisation still owing the state €700+ Million Euro, to escape payment. Early on they stated they would go after the orgs if they did not pay the amount asked (to cover 50% of compensation payments to those abused while in same religious orgs – placed there by the state).

Despite Enda Kenny himself making promising statements, that the religious organisations would not get away with not holding up to their end of a financial deal – after the matter dropped from public minds, that is exactly what happened. To this day, here too, the parties cowardly refuse to hold people and more, accountable.

While outside media continues to report on such matters today, too much Irish media again is all too quiet and not fully informing the nations citizens. Every non-complacent person in the country should be asking “Why?” this is so…

world news

And The Silence Continues…

Another story reported lately by foreign media (LINK) – but not so by home media – relates to Education minister, Richard Bruton, who has been accused of hiding from allegations concerning misuse of public funds at University College Cork. The matter was briefly spoke about in the Dail last week.

It turns out that constituents’ in Cork raised concerns about the treatment of women working at the university. Subsequently there is an increasing call for an examination of the use of funds at the university.

Sad to say, Irish home media (inc RTE) is again all too silent about the matter related once again to Fine Gael in-action and also not willing to hold person(s) to further question or later account.

With certain media unwilling to expose (and their owners giving finances/support to Fine Gael) government antics or in-actions, the people of the Ireland are once again is left in the dark about an increasing number of matters and concerns – all related to the quality of past or current government parties and their people.

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