O’Brien’s Legal Teams & Media Censorship

You most certainly will not have heard RTE reporting it and the likelihood is that any of the newspapers owned by INM (Irish News Media – yet another Denis O’Brien set-up) will not be reporting it… What are they not likely to be reporting?

Three INM suited executives were sent in to a national media outlet on March 3rd to object to the station airing negative material about INM, what it might be up to and political commentary surrounding those at the top of it. It appears that when a politician on a media programme dared mention the very questionable shenanigans going on around INM lower workers pensions (and more), the top boys in INM didn’t like it. They went on an immediate offensive, claiming there is a media bias against INM. The message was clear yet again?

Please don’t talk about INM? INM is a no-go area. It allows itself to comment on others, financial antics and political going-ons – but if anyone dare even same around issues on them? It seems in double standards, that’s off limits!

We have to judge that their opinion – in our opinion – is skewered as hell. Our own opinion is that INM media print and radio outlets at times have been biased toward certain political parties repeatedly. It could be yet another case in Ireland of the ‘kettle calling the pot, black!’?

The veracity, viciousness and promptness of Denis O’Brien or INM to send in his legal hounds, is well known now at this stage. The number of top journalists left in the country that actually haven’t been threaten by them, yearly grows less and less. Fine Gael, despite two elections ago, promising to do something about the Denis O’Brien ‘grab it all’  empire, have done in fact absolute bugger all. Nothing in fact!

Denis O’Brien now has influence in a number of top radio stations besides also owning shares in nearly 50% of the nations media spread across Ireland. His legal hounds are not biased in whom they attack either. They have gone for the jugular of male and females. One female journalist was so harassed by them that she went to the bother of upping home and moved to Australia.

None of this, along with more, is not being reported on local, supposed independent’ radio stations around the country either. For it turns out that a Denis O’Brien News agency, had been previous tight contracted to supply the news to those as well. Their material supplied, mostly to be read out along with minor local items.

The fix is in and it still continues? A good question that Fine Gael and especially Enda Kenny should look at – but they won’t. Instead, they continue to reap rewards of biased media and sit on their asses once more, doing nothing – despite promises to do so… Some things are not likely to change soon – even when they do replace one storyteller for another, question dodging, PR spin artist!

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