Old Dail Elected – They Really Don’t Get It!

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If you want to see just how much out of date political parties are, just look at the tired continuous stunts they try pull.

Classic example today is Joan Burton hypocritical giving out about government staff wages. She thinking the public would forget that she and her cronies too was in same government position and taking the exact same money!

Their complete out of touch mentality further kicks in, when we grasp what they still stupid can’t!

The rest of us know that social media now reminds many on it, what has gone on for decades and exposes the elected traitors, latest daily activities also.

Years ago, the usual political mafia could pull some stunt and far more get away with it as people moved on or stupidly forgot too easily. Today, they are far more informed and reminded – and STILL FF, FG and Lab too long elected can’t seem to grasp this concept.

So they try treating the public as stupid – exposing yet again, their own real, far larger stupidity!

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