Old Politics – Alive & Kicking!


It was all promises of “New Politics” at election time. Some of the elected even kept using the term after they were elected. However, as many of the public has discovered, “Let’s keep the recovery going” for Enda Kenny at the last election, also has become an unfunny poor joke in PR usage!

cronyism-history-costs-case-studies-solutions-3-638Despite promising to deliver a new way of doing things in government once elected, honesty and transparency, despite words spoken to eradicate nepotism and cronyism – the eventual outcome from yet another government made up of the usual parties, is the same as before. Again, the public could find that what they say they will do, is not what they then actually do!

When it comes to cronyism for example – its still alive and kicking…

At present there are six government ministers who have gone ignoring calls for elected to be seen behave better – and like many before that was considered questionable in action, employed their own relatives as their staff also. Among the current lot still carrying on regardless in hiring family, is:

  • Michael Ring, Fine Gael TD – Minister of State for Regional Development
  • Seán Kyne, Fine Gael TD – Minister of State for Gaeltacht Affairs; (Kyne employs his brother-in-law along with another who as a bonus job, is also a sitting Fine Gael councillor!)
  • Dara Murphy, Fine Gael TD – Minister of State for European Affairs
  • Marcella Corcoran Kennedy, Fine Gael – Minister of State for Health Promotion.
  • John Halligan, Endapendent (Independent Alliance) – Junior Minister.
  • Seán Canney, Endapendent (Independent Alliance) – Junior Minister.

Fine Gael in awarded government office are still not the only ones to continue the cronyism. No. Other Fine Gael TD’s are all at it too…

Martin Heydon (sister); Peter Fitzpatrick (daughter); Bernard Durkan (son); Kate O’Connell (sister); Maria Bailey (father); Seán Barrett (daughter); Catherine Byrne (daughter); Ciarán Cannon (wife); and Andrew Doyle (sister).

Any others?

  • Denis O’Donovan, Fianna Fail senator and the Cathaoirleach of the Seanad, there to maintain rules also, hires his wife.
  • Pat “the Cope” Gallagher, the leas Ceann Comhairle? He employs a nephew.

cronyismIn fact, it turns out more than other 20 TDs employ their family members as assistants, even though Micheál Martin, the Fianna Fail leader, has publicly criticised the practice. with it still going on, nothing has further been done.

It seems leaders orders too are being openly, blatantly being ignored. Mr Martin or Enda Kenny therefore cannot complain about other people in different roles, say Garda positions, who also have had their orders ignored? If they did so, they could be openly seen as hypocrites and also ineffectual?

Amid the other Fianna Fail TDs hiring their family is: Brendan Griffin (wife and cousin also), Lisa Chambers (sister), Eamon Scanlon (daughter); John McGuinness (son); Michael McGrath (brother); Seán Fleming (wife) and Timmy Dooley (wife).

Labour too, is not immune in hiring their own family to well paid and state pensioned perked jobs. Seán Sherlock of Labour employs his sister while Willie Penrose employs a brother.

As for the rest of the Independents… Independent TD Michael Healy-Rae (son); Danny Healy-Rae (wife and daughter); Mattie McGrath (daughter).

No Wonder!

If present elected try PR spinning all about “New Politics” in Ireland, one needs to only look all around the Dail and its members to see just how little has also changed away from the much criticised ways of the past. Not much at all?

It’s absolutely NO wonder than that many of the present elected refuse to discuss the issue of “Participatory Democracy“. Why should they? Only because 83% at the last national Constitution Convention called for the system of holding elected more accountable, to be reinstated.

That 83% call was completely buried in the later convention report and has been subsequently blanked or censored as  a matter to resolve, by many present elected ever since. Why? Do they fear being held to account for something the public might deem as questionable? That, we can only surmise at…

Enda Kenny and his FG/FF/Endapendent government is now on a PR exercise about a “Citizens Assembly” and how its going to make a difference. The last similar assembly, the Constitution Convention, has its top most sought item ignored and deliberate buried. Even national media, RTE included, ignored the matter. The present new “Citizens Assembly” has been given its list of matters to discuss – and guess what’s not on the list despite still being on historic record of national demand!

The next time you hear a present elected TD or local representative for the usual lot, carrying on about “New Politics” or the way things are being better done, point them to the blatant way things are still being done by “Old Politics” and tell them to get their convenient worn blinkers off!

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