One Day. Two Examples of FG Incompetence.


Since 2011 with Enda Kenny poster promises of going to fix the trolley national scandal, in fact things in that areas have grown far worse. Now under Leo Varadkra’s reign, Fine Gael policies that have continued unchanged, we discover not only have things gone from getting worse, they have gone to now dire critical!

The IMRO is now able to accurately show that there were 51,321 patients on trolleys between January and June this year. The target of 236 people only going to be on trolleys on any day, has utterly failed – by a huge measure. This years trolley figure, is a 6% rise on an already number that passed a previous “National Emergency” figure of the past.

To be frank, it’s clear as day, Fine Gael is totally incapable of getting to grips with this situation and they have consistently been unable to for years. It’s time Fine Gael supporters and even core members recognised this. This situation is not just a still rising national emergency – it’s bloody stupid that people supporting Fine Gael and those propping them up, allowing them to continue this way, are standing by Fine Gael. This is absolute craziness.

51,321 people in six months. Nothing short of a continuing disgrace.


Today the people of Ireland find out that the plan Simon Coveney PR sang to all media, about getting homeless out of hotel and B&B’s in quick time, has utterly scrapped.

No only that however, but even Fine Gael have admitted that it will be at least 2021 before the situation is likely to be resolved. Simon Coveney said a few months!

It would not be the first time Mr Coveney had his own ludicrous imagination when it came to numbers. As the people of Ireland have previously found, the number of people housed in the past under Enda Kenny, had been deeply exaggerated by him for Fine Gael PR reasons. The new Housing Minister, Eoghan Murphy, has scrapped the previous FG timeline totally. It’s now 2021 – not a few months.

Mr Murphy has media stated that the whole situation was down to bad public policy “over the years” of the current (additional) crises. Would these “years” be the ones between 2011 when Fine Gael came to power, and today, 2017… One has to wonder?




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