UnitedPeople seeks to give citizens greater ability to control daily factors which affect their  daily life.

To do this, we seek to restore an improved direction original sought by the founder of the state. Participatory Democracy is that process. It  gives citizens far more say and ability in decision making processes not just every four to five years - but all the time - every month or year.

A similar process was started in directions during earlier Irish constitutions but poor governments since deliberately watered it down, rendering it ineffective and meaningless. Something they wanted as they didn't wish to be too accountable to their very own public, too often. For that, to the present day, Ireland has gain many a bad elected representative who has got away with too much.

UnitedPeople seeks to improve such poor accountability through Participatory Democracy. So much so, its an underlying core aim which is deliberate constituted into its own party constitution.

In short: Participatory Democracy means all citizens can equal get involved as they wish to. Their elected are far more accountable, all year - every year - not just every five years. There is the free public referendum creation ability and there is "Recall", the ability make changes regarding elected when dire situations occur, bad political behaviour manifests and other issues that are deemed by a democratic, citizen voting number, to be damaging to the state.

The flip-book below goes into greater detail about the processes which could improve democracy within Ireland and beyond. Participatory Democracy is a system which some countries have adopted, some for a long successful time and that today, others are looking toward in order to improve their nations democratic process.

Find out how coming generations of citizens can have more control over their every day lives.

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