Politically Reality.

14440672_1315348691809161_8027011851028143228_nPeople are looking for something new that is politically credible in Ireland. The percentage numbers of the last elections exposes a trend away from the usual old reliable parties.

In 2011 Fianna Fail was vote decimated. In 2016 Labour and Fine Gael was vote hit. Despite this, they one way other, managed to get back into a position of government power officially or unofficially – through deals that were officially “No deals”.

There is other political parties out there. Most of us know this – yet we still don’t support them enough. “Why?” is a multi-option answer.

1. Targeting no particular party, media has managed to do its part in persuading voters to sway away from some through printed possible truth or complete biased muck throwing.

2. Parties in opposition have been too busy fighting between themselves from internet forums, Facebook and Twitter, to more local communities, towns and cities where their people take pot-shots at each other.

3. Parties have been dancing around issues, only mentioning what they like and stay away from areas they think the public is not going to get interested in – they stick with too many populist topics alone.

4. Parties have not being willing to make changes that frankly, the public sees right now, is detrimental to that party and what might be holding it back – regardless if there is truth or not, to that which is being thrown, to run that party down!

5. Some parties are simply too ‘single issue’ parties, to be considered an overall group that could instead, tackle many voter core issues. Their sound-bite policies are also not backed up by detail expansion and explanation in a common language that doesn’t leave the public with a headache, just trying to understand it. Put bluntly, better writing is needed – not lectures dosed out on heavy political theory and tried rammed home.

6. The public is seeing people and parties, again frankly, behaving in an un-professional manner. Great for making noise and highlighting stuff – but not something that would inspire enough confidence, to see it placed into a position of power? Is this a wrong assessment? If we are truthful with even ourselves – probably not a wrong assessment?
7. The public is so burdened down with just paying bills, taxes, levies, charges, licences, insurance and a lot more monetary burdens, that they are time limited and stretched to only giving occasional help to new parties, when they rare can. Others, lets be honest, also too complacent, couldn’t be bothered!

8. Media, both at national and more so at local level, is blanking people and parties that exist even within their own towns. despite many party items regular sent to a local newspaper or radio station, they rarely get aired, printed – and if they do, its twisted or cut down even more. Public blink and the public misses it.

From all the above ‘mess’ and more reasons, the political reality is that despite many hungry wanting a new direction to support, they don’t do it because they see no credible opposition. Result? The attitude of “It’s better the devil you know – than the devil you don’t.” is adopted by voters again and again, as they vote for the usual bunch – even if they appear at times, just as bad! This really is the reality, is it not?

Conclusion: There is local elections coming – if not at any stage, also a snap general election!

(a) Opposition parties RIGHT NOW, their very members and supporters RIGHT NOW, need to STOP swinging at each other. Those involved are doing themselves no long-term favours.

(b) The public has to be communicated with – in terms they core understand – not in left/right wing heavy political theory (they seriously don’t have time for that stuff in their busy daily lives).

(c) More door to door information sharing has to be done on a repeated regular basis at local levels. If that means leafleting again and again, throughout estates and up lane-ways – it frankly has to be done.

(d) Newer parties simply have to be more professional – be seen to be acting more professional and in professionalism, stand up and clear indicate where they stand on all issues – not just on some while ducking other parts that they wish to avoid!

If political change is to come – change has to start with those that wish to be part of its creation. It’s as simple as that. Otherwise, yet again, guess who gets back in to government office again?

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