“Populist” Is A Bad Thing?

Ireland Dail

dail3  We keep hearing rotten politicians giving out about other political parties raising issues because it’s a “populist” issue. It’s the politicians trying to smear others for raising a topic.

Well, if an issue is “populist” – that means its on the minds of the general public – and if its in the minds of the general public …then the parties that ARE raising the subsequent issue, are listening better to what voters are actually saying!

So Fine Gael, Labour and Fianna Fail – get off your feckin’ high horse and quit the crap!

Just because some of us are actually responding better to the voices of the public and what they would like to see addressed, is not an opportunity for you wasteful shower to smear – it’s an opportunity for you to get your act together better.

…But you are so busy just continuing to be rotten in elected representation, you instead, are still deaf to the public and carrying on just with your own self-interest agenda. Utter stupidity!

march(Yes, some parties only later join aboard an issue as to not be seen left out – but that does NOT take away from those that already are listening to public current issues – that are then being subsequently addressed)

At the end of the day, the public concern issue, is being addressed – and that’s the important thing. Would FF/FG and Co rather it not be?

Are FF/FG/Lab instead, just jealous they didn’t get their act together first and be seen to resolve such issues? It might explain why they are only left to lash out at others that do?

EVERY TIME you hear them giving out about an issue that’s “Populist” means in fact, they are exposing that they, themselves, have again failed to address such issues!

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