Pre-Budget Comment 2016

12743545_824978577611918_8884797712407243806_nIt would be wrong to criticise any budget just because people oppose the very party(s) that is bringing it to the people. The budget should be judged upon its actual exact contents.

What is clear from the already deliberate leaked stuff (to soften the ground in some cases and test the water in others) is that it’s likely today, to be a bit of everything for a lot of people or groups in society! Some stuff will have to wait – like the pensioners for their possible €5 increase supposedly coming next year – other items will be aimed (in a good way) at people soon (we hope).

Fine Gael, Fianna Fail and Endapendents will all want in time to be able to take credit for any positive stuff in the budget, while any negative stuff existing will be talked about far less and as often than not, buried under the positive for party press releases. Some parts will be avoided talked about where possible.

All the parties are very much aware elections is coming. We have the local elections and European elections. We might have a snap general election depended on how serious the next national crises is – and we seem to get one nearly every month/fortnight sometimes. So all the parties involved in making up the budget, will be ever mindful of what wins votes and what loses them, before they decide what’s going into a budget announcement for every year.

Whatever is in the soon to be announced budget, a lot of it will have to be “OK’ed” by EU heads who like previous got to see Ireland budget first in great detail, will soon there after announcement, trying also saying “We allow this part but not the other”.

Today’s budget will be an attempt by all, to try reaching out to as many possible, to be tried liked and loved more – while quietly hoping an enraged public over one issue or other, soon will have short memories, in part due to latest distraction attempts. For the moment, that’s what the overall budget of 2016/2017 is also.

Now as to the exact contents of budget 2016, that remains to be seen…


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