Rent €46,000. We Should All Be So Lucky (To Afford It) ?

  By any stretch of the imagination, paying €46,000 a month for accommodation is an serious amount of money. €46,000 would have some place more staffed with one or two starting out Garda, nurses or others much needed. Multiply that by another factor of 12 (months in any year) and we have a whacking great deal of money to help places around the county.


The government will rightly claim that we need embassies around the world to help Ireland’s people, national interest, individual social and business interests – not also including legal assistance and more when required. There can be no debate about that! However if we are already paying serious money to rent and upkeep a location for embassy use, that property should too be accommodating the very ambassador as a living location – especially when times are financially tight. This would not be a reasonable expectation?

The state therefore paying on top of embassy costs, a whopping €552,000 to house one person, a year, is nuts given the present state of the economy. Remember too, that this is one one person of many other embassies around the word that also are supposedly requiring accommodation also if they are not living at their embassy residence.

This post is not about moaning over the mega perks of the accommodation although we point them out – its about seriously telling the Ireland people to suffer through austerity and wage freezes since 2008 while Fine Gael government appointed are laughing in the face of cost-cutting and living it quietly up in double-standards. Something is definitely not right here – in fact it all stinks!

As more people are becoming increasingly homeless back in Ireland and some rent allowances from the state are so low, they might not house a dog in the nations capital, Fine Gael and all those that sale with it, cannot continue their madness without paying a further price themselves at the next elections! Given their unwillingness to change their double-standard ways, they and those propping them up, deserve to lose even more votes next time around!


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