Returned Dail First Agenda – Arrange Next Holidays!

30ff2a48b1f414d5c0830506baf7ce02The extended (nine week) Dail summer recess is only just over. Everyone is back (supposedly) where they were elected to – even if it’s only to clock in so they can then claim their pay, perks and later pensions. One of first items on the Dail agenda? Arranging their next holidays.

No, we are not kidding. You couldn’t make this stuff up.

A meeting of the party whips was quiet held last Thursday. The outcome of that meeting was the agreement to allow themselves a further week long holiday for Halloween. After taking 83 days off before final getting their act together – an additional summer 63 days off, started a few weeks after opening the Dail chamber again – now they are giving themselves another seven days as a bonus.

TD’s and Senators will now take off the week beginning on Monday Oct 31st. Some return again Friday Nov’ 4th. For those in Leinster House, they return Nov’ 8th. Soon thereafter, a few weeks later, they will be looking to take off for their long Christmas Holidays. Nice eh?

You really couldn’t make this stuff up! No one would believe it? Welcome to ‘old politics’ Ireland style, still continuing, despite any “New Politics” spin they are trying to dose upon the public.

Anyone feel elected should be more accountable for this madness? UnitedPeople does. It’s why its seeking Participatory Democracy – if also to hold some elected to better account!


UPDATE: Irish Examiner reports the matter two days later.


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