Rule One.

One of the first rules of politics, is never trust a poll – its only election results that count. Speaking of election results, eight of the last ten elections show a massive drop of support for Fianna Fail and Fine Gael. In 1982 their combined votes gained was 84.6%. When the final results was counted in the 2016 election, the Fianna Fail and Fine Gael voter population support was down to 14433121_1315348688475828_6132611575950271496_n49%.. There signs are there – the old, out of date, corruption, crony. lying, u-turning, financial back-stabbing parties are losing votes.

They can of course PR spin that they will make their way back up again like Labour is currently doing, but as explained by UnitedPeople previously, the old parties face a crises that involves a public being more political aware than generations ago and even faster at being informed at latest empty stunts – while also being faster able to be reminded by how they have been screwed continuously in the past by the ever same culprits!

14440672_1315348691809161_8027011851028143228_nThe latest Sunday Business Post poll indicates that Fianna Fail again is dropping. If we are really truthful, we will acknowledge that occasional poll blips occur. We should also ALWAYS allow for a minimum 3% margin of error in either direction. In the end, its the evidential provable voter trends that ultimately count – and when it comes to FF & FG, the signs are not good – for them!

The two parties will PR spin their way around the latest poll. “its another blip” – “its within the margin of error” – “we will be back up there…” etc. All the usual reworded party PR will be regurgitated for the papers that don’t refuse ink.

Opposition to the usual now out of date, rotten political parties might be able to take heart from parts of the latest Sunday Business Post poll – but if they wish to gain in true vote count, they have to change their tactics (which is another longer post, for another time). The short version is however, don’t trust the polls – see the eventual count – but to get there favourably, opposition needs better to get their act together. Not apart and most certainly not attacking each other in time wasting, undermining, attacks. This includes across Facebook style social media and Irish forums. Supporters of opposition need to listen up here too. They are doing opposition not favours but playing into the gleeful hands of the usual political old ‘Mafia’.

The people have to be talked to – not as FG, FF and Labour are continuing to do, just talk down to in arrogance, insulting the public’s intelligence and running roughshod over what they actually want!

As stated in a previous titled post: “If You Mean Something – Damn Stand By It!” Stop the flip-flopping – state CLEAR positions – stop the lies – stop ducking topic areas like TTIP, the discussion of Participatory Democracy, public referendum ability, better protection against quiet privatisations, the still existence of Irish Water and the still bullied use of meters!

Get your act together better and not just show you, the opposition, are different – be damn different and stay that way! The public is hungry for something new – if it can be trusted – but opposition has to show it can be trusted by looking, sounding and being that real way!

If a SERIOUS good credible opposition finally emerges, chances are a great deal of voters will flock to it in bigger droves that might just big shock the outdated rotten corrupt in the Dail!

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