Scientology Cult Scores A Win Over Irish Mayors

Today’s Sunday Times (LINK) reports that a number of Irish mayors appear to have been made fools of, as they participated in PR stunt for the now world infamous Scientology cult. This is the cult that has Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Kirsty Alley and other famous indoctrinated into its ranks.   This is the cult that even has its own naval military style organisation called “Sea-Org” (LINK).




An American journalist who regular watches and reports on the cult, exposed last week, publicity photos involving Irish elected officials. Mayors of Limerick, Galway and Waterford in August, allowed themselves be photographed holding the Scientology-backed literature while wearing their official chains of office.

time-cover-402x536x8The mayors involved, have gone on record as stating they were unaware the Drug-Free World campaign was a Scientologist movement. 

This is not the first time an Irish elected person has been caught giving the cult positive publicity. Previously, a Drogheda council elected representative was allegedly doing similar.

When such instances happen, the Scientology cult usually wastes no time in then creating PR spin in literature and video footage for their cult, espousing that ‘countries state officials support Scientology’. This PR spin is often then sold to their own cult victims and further people they might see as gullible, while they try to ensnare them.

Mike Garde, the director of Dialogue Ireland, an organisation monitoring cults, has stated:

“It’s absolutely inappropriate for mayors to do this. The Drug-Free Wold campaign is one of many fronts the Scientologists use to recruit people and espouse their beliefs, which are anti-psychiatry and anti-psychiatric drugs. They are trying to infiltrate local campaigns against drugs.


The politicians should have done some research into who they were agreeing to stand with. People can be easily led. In Ireland we need to do more to protect people from this group.”

The Scientology cult operates not only in it’s own name but also through a number of known fronts. The fronts always end up advocating their crazy alien, expensive cult ideology which has already lead to crimes committed across Europe and America, involving kidnapping, government infiltration, blackmail, deaths and more.




harriet-bakerThe cult stands regular accused of splitting families, stalking people who dare speak out against their activities. The cult uses hired detectives besides operating a large internal organisation (which also has its own massive city building) solely set-up to exist as a intelligence gathering agency and attack operation.

Extreme cheap labour and many child abuses also stand accused against the cult. A property in America, well known, is reported by many victims to exist, which previously had an internal set-up called “The Hole” – an alleged prison type area for cult members who didn’t tow the cults bizarre rulings on behaviour and low (or non-existent) work labour pay (akin to slavery).



In America the Scientology cult is still allowed to continue with tax free exemption status. This is something they eventually obtained by harassing US government agents so much, that the USA government agency then capitulated to ongoing attacks being carried by by cult operatives for years. Other countries have refused to recognise the cult as an official religion. They instead classify it as a dangerous organisation and a high earning money making racket.

There is no doubt UnitedPeople’s founder could be on the radar or files of the cult, as he regular continues to expose their antics to Ireland’s citizens.

UnitedPeople is constructing a 
dedicated page HERE on
 this costly cult.
UnitedPeople considers it nothing less than a dangerous masked set-up.


Information on groups acting as fronts for the Scientology cult can be found HERE, HERE and HERE, for example. The cult continues to try every quiet tactic possible to further increase its victim number.

See: Xenu leaflet – Operation Clambake
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