Struggle For Even Basic Information!

Gardai HQ has finally revealed how many officers are working in Cavan-Monaghan stations. State has previously tried to keep numbers quiet for reasons best known to themselves. It took a threatened court case to prise the little information finally gained from the state!

Gardai have finally been able to release the number of officers working in each station in the area. There are 252 Gardai and a total staff of 317 in the division.

Such details used to be supplied on a more routine, normal open basis – but as the more observant of Ireland’s citizens have seen over the growing years of a Fine Gael government, more and more has been instead gradually hidden from the population.

An example of Fine Gael secrecy antics, was the very last day of the 2011 FG government. That final day, they all (with labour) rammed though legislation to further restrict the public to see what TD’s were doing, what they were spending and limiting further information once accessible under FOI applications. The restricting of state information more continues and Ireland continues to be the only country in Europe to charge for such FOI access!

A spokesman for Peter Tyndall, the information commissioner, has stated: “We do not believe it is an appropriate use of public resources to seek to protect information that has previously been placed in the public domain. It doesn’t sit comfortably with us,”

It doesn’t sit well with many that are continuing to see rotten political parties trying to bury more and more facts from the public – including the members of UnitedPeople!

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