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Housing Concerns

Straight from those dealing with the issue on a daily basis, a UP member addresses the current national housing crises.


Mobile Concerns

Just what are the possible claimed risks of mobile phones? Are they in any way accurate?

Coming soon.

TTIP Treaty

Is the risks real as regard the incoming TTIP treaty?  Is it democratic? Is it fair? Is it being forced on the people of Europe?
Coming soon.

Irish Water

Why are major parties all too quiet about the continued existence of Irish Water and running away from talking about metering?
Coming soon

Solar Power

The Irish government is still unwilling to explore this area with Irelands farming community and general public. Why?
Coming soon

Recharged Again!

We are being still taxed for services that we now also privately pay for! How is real benefiting and still getting away with it?
Coming soon

Why Work With Us

UnitedPeople is composed of creative, open minded people. All wish right to be done in the people's name. This is why members are acting also in a number of campaigns in UP.

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Women Wanted!

More women are needed to participate in Irish politics. UP already has the highest ratio of registered women for any party but seeks to improve itself more.

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Our Philosophy

UnitedPeople is not just thinking of today's generation but of tomorrows. We are obligated to set the country on a correct path where later citizen lives are more enhanced. Greater abilities then, we seek to pass on.

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Help Us To Help More.

Let us know more about what concerns you.

By passing along to UnitedPeople your outlook on the present, along with your thoughts for the future, you give everyone else an informative chance to put possible wrongs to right.

It is only by listening and learning that progress can be greater made. The first thing is to recognise this.

UnitedPeople has and wishes to build upon it, to create a better future for Ireland's citizens.

Members are right now, out helping others.

A good number of UnitedPeople members are already very active in volunteer roles across Ireland. UnitedPeople is honoured to have such members. These members keep us regular educated to growing or new aspects found through their work. 

It is by such vital information then that plans can be created or later adjusted. You can make a vital difference in that process. By keeping UnitedPeople on the right track, you are helping to keep your country going in the same direction.

If need be, do tell us when we might be going off-track - and set us straight again! We genuinely welcome it.

UnitedPeople members are hungry to learn.

Besides also keeping us up to date with vital information, you can also help others by sharing some of the skilled knowledge you have. 

By educating others in any number of ways, UnitedPeople members not only will be able to better spot incoming issues but also head them off quicker while also applying better solutions from same better training. 

All this can be achieved by a greater education that maybe only you can provide. We hope you do. The positive benefits could be far reaching.

We need you to not stop talking. Keep going!

UnitedPeople is a fresh new organisation. Its is only as effective as possible if people also know its exists. That is why we would like you to every day make a conscious effort to spread the word that we exist. 

We don't wish you to to annoy your friends. You would be opening the eyes of others though, when they show signs of willing to listen. Wider horizons are possible and in UnitedPeople we are working on creating some of them. 

By you out there informing others of our efforts, they too might be then inclined to not only spread the word of our existence but even participate with the party also. After that, the only way is UP!

It is important we get to know each other.

It is vital that UnitedPeople members and other contributors understand why our organisation is working collaboratively. This knowledge is increased by gaining an insight by cross- communication, to fellow people's aims and values.

Time spent developing an understanding of partners' society and culture can help more others from different aspects of life, to work together.

All this leads to even higher insights and increased communication skills. This is why in UnitedPeople we consider that even light banter to one another, is just as crucial. 

We hope you will join us in getting to know one another. Its all leads to help create better understanding and thus, efficiency knowing where one another is coming from in many aspects.

Progress Through Communication

We Can Talk But We Would Rather Listen To What Concerns You.

This last while UnitedPeople has been quietly operating in the background. Learning better to walk before any running in operation, it is now steadily progressing to become more public. 

On the UP website itself, there is more content coming which will be further sub-divided into issue and content areas. Easier to read and find an issue that might more directly concern you, 

UnitedPeople is further enhancing its ability to talk to voters - but more importantly, listen.


This is why on the UP site alone, there is now five ways alone, to text communicate with the party.

* Through the feedback box (at top)
* Through chat box (bottom right)
* Through on-site comment boxes
* Through new on-site forum
* By direct email

We can also be contacted through Facebook, Twitter and by phone.

If national and local issues are to be addressed better, communication is key to creating possible fresh solutions. UnitedPeople recognises this and is listening to what the public wishes to say. It wants to listen more.

We are here to learn better and through that, do better.

Call us today at 083 4315065 or email

Lets start with fresh voices toward a better positive direction.