The EU. As It Stands – Or Shakes!

If you were to adopt all the PR words spoken to world cameras by heads of the EU, you would think that the mega-institution was roaring to daily success. Look under the covers however and you can find a growing fracturing set-up.

Before we get to that though, right now the EU is facing an immediate crises. 7.5 million people in Catalonia, on Spain’s East coast, have become embroiled in a citizen attempt to see themselves self-governing.

EU heads are and their individual state leaders are (a) either refusing to recognise the state of Catalonia or (b) willing to even abide by its own rules and guidelines – those that refer to a people’s right to sovereignty or their EU established rule that if any one state of the EU uses it’s forces upon its own people, it will be kicked out of the EU.

As the EU is determined to see that it holds itself together in order to achieve a quiet federalisation of whole Europe, it is perceived by many  that they are turning a convenient blindness to their own laws and being biased in their world viewed camera spoken words.


You couldn’t get a more clear example of EU bias when just this week (28th/10th/17) European Commissioner head Juncker lied to world media. He stated that Catalonia had not been treated harshly in any way at any time.

He incredibility stated this just weeks after the Spanish government themselves even apologised (reluctantly) for the brutality of their own sent in police force, in order to steal votes cast and ballot boxes.

Add to this, the long attempts of a Spanish government to impose their way of life, culture and language upon a historic regions that for hundreds of years, was indeed its own separate state. One period of this, for example, was the Franco dictatorship, which attempted to suppress Catalan identity. All this is in the records of world recognised acts of suppression.

So for the head of the EU to blatant lie in the face of recorded facts, yet again undermines his credibly to speak, to be in the position he has and undermines the EU who continue to only enact laws that suits them and ignore others on their books (like throwing out of the EU, a country that uses its armed goons on its own people and EU laws declaring that people have a right to self-determination).


Double-standards and convenient short memories in Ireland.

101 years on from a state that long oppressed a people who also long sought to have their own independence and right to self-rule – the Irish government today shows its now usual extreme hypocritical traitor double-standards.

Leo Varadkar and all those that stand by him in supporting an EU position of Europe federalisation. are refusing to even hear out the case for Catalonia independence – never mind outright supporting their own peaceful struggle to gain their own country back!

Fine Gael and those that sick prop them up or stand by their position of putting the EU mega-monster institution first over the establishment of individual states and a people’s right to self-determination, are stupidly, sickeningly forgetting our own Irish history.

In doing so, they insult generations that have fought, died and long struggled for what Catalonia today is also trying to seek. No matter what bullshit they PR spin – and they will – when you look at the core facts of what is going on, it’s just another day of despicable politics from a rotten political mafia selling out people for a price.

A year ago Irish politicians stood and said they honour those in Ireland that have struggled in the past like the people of Catalonia does today. Those same two-faced politicians are an entire disgrace and by their double-standards and deliberate forgetful memories, bring our nation into further shame.

The sooner this poor quality is removed from the Dail, the better and that includes Fine Gael, a party that supported a Spanish dictator called Franco as he also tried to brutal suppress the Catalonia people. It’s all on historic record. Fine Gael and co acting as they do today, are  continuing support for that oppression. Somethings don’t change…


Heads of the EU along with Spain’s own government have been speaking about how their democracy has been abused. For weeks, up to and even after the Catalonia vote (which Spain sent in it’s uniformed thugs to steal cast votes and ballot boxes)  the EU opted to sit on the fence silently stating:

It’s got nothing to do with us. It’s a Spanish internal matter.

However, when the outcome of the Catalonia vote became not only evident but so strong by a huge majority of the 7.5 million population there, only then did they decide to open their biased mouths.

Spain itself also ironically churned out a king – a non-elected representative who lives off the state himself – to speak about democracy and how it should be upheld! You couldn’t make this stuff up!

There was cries of “illegal vote” carried out by the Spanish government and eventually, when they saw how strong the Catalonia vote was in direction, the same EU heads also chipped in about an “illegal vote“.


The “Illegal”  Vote Claim.

Let’s look at that “illegal” claim with a clear unbiased head – if some EU federalists can manage that?

Question: If the people of Ireland prior to the Irish state wanted to hold a vote, to find out of a majority of them wanted to be independent of the then England parliament overlords and crown, does many actually think the British Empire would have turned around and said “Yes, go ahead and have your vote” – seriously?

In other words, in any part of world history currently or previously, would a person or empire imposing their will (and often brutality) upon a subjugated people allow their victims to mass together and have a vote to see how willing they were to  unify and try gain their lives back for the better? Be honest. Lets be real here! Of course not.

As millions of people in Catalonia have come out and said their version of “Enough” through their vote, Spain and its king, the oppressors, have turned around and said ‘No, you are not getting a vote and if you took one, I’m ignoring it as it’s not in MY rules. Your vote must be illegal as I don’t like the result.

If the Catalonia people has equally voted and said “We, the majority wish to stay as part of the Spanish Empire” – do we think Spain’s government would be equally crying about an “illegal” vote?

Hell no!

It should also be noted that when EU faces cry about “Democracy… democracy…” – where is there any democracy in action as they still ram in TTIP and CETA legislation, the undemocratic company court system behind it etc? After all we are only talking about 550+ million people in Europe that will be subject to it and subjugated by it! more convenient short memory episodes of Elected at home and away. Even better, the EU recognises the state of Israel. The foundation of state of Israel came about because a mass of people decided together, to form their own country – and Europe then was quite willing to accept it. “…Aaa but that’s different…” you will hear the EU federalisation fans cry!

An equal form of double-standards EU heads do apply with other world states people strive for their own independent state – trying to escape an oppressor. The EU guideline seems to be: ‘We will recognise your efforts to be a sovereign people – as long as it don’t interfere or undermine our own agenda of federalisation. If that’s the case, even by unintentional side-effect, then you can get stuffed! We don’t recognise you.”


The Quiet EU Cracking.

The fact is, the EU is not in the good shape that its federalisation cult fans would have you think that it is in. At least nine states in the EU are in trouble from worrying levels, to quite serious levels of political unrest.

  • Scandinavia: Anti-immigration notions was the catalyst that has stated a further growing Eurosceptic outlook from even its moderate parties. A growing number of parties there are talking about EU breakaway.
  • The Netherlands: A growing Eurosceptic outlook is rising there. If one party (Party For Freedom) alone in growing support, is anything to look at, the signs are are that soon they will also might be part of a future government deciding to leave the EU.
  • France: The French far-right National Front on its own won one third of national votes – half of those from people between 18-25. in other words, 50% of the current voting French youth wand EU out. Remember also that the National Front is also just one party of smaller similar growing others that have the same thinking. EU time-bomb ticking here also?
  • Germany: Here too a growing Eurosceptic outlook is rising rapidly – and they are getting quite vocal and physical at times about it. Like France, one Euro-septic party in Germany managed at the last election to grab a minimum of one third of the national vote. Their support too is rising. Other parties of similar outlook are growing behind them.
  • Poland: It’s president along with its 2015 elected government, has accused the Eu of cheating and has been firmly anti-Europe since the Eu blocked various initiatives. The party view reflects a similar view by a growing number of its people.
  • Hungry: The already Eurosceptic party “FIDESZ” (Hungarian Civic Union) is starting to look seriously  tame compared to a further stronger right-wing party chasing it from behind. Jobbik (Movement for a Better Hungary), another Eurosceptic party growing in support, is voicing similar future anti-EU intentions. Between the two parties at some future date, an elected voting number might be there, to democratic decide they want out of the EU also.
  • Austria: More than 50% of Austrians backed either the Eurosceptic , conservative Austrian people’s Party or the even harder right “People’s Party” in recent national elections. Before they even do go down a path of leaving the EU, the country has made world history for having the youngest ever head of state elected. There could be more historic actions in Austria to come – much to the dis-like of the EU!
  • Czech Republic: A Eurosceptic pro-Russian billionaire has led his party “Action For Dissatisfied Citizens” to election victory also recently. They want out of the EU. His party alone took 30% of the national vote. Interestingly, they and another party that supports Participatory Democracy (like UnitedPeople), is likely to form a government on the future.
  • Italy: This country has an anti-establishment “Five Star Movement” that is now its most popular party. The party wants to dump the Euro to begin with. Within Italy, there are two regions also that could soon declare state independence like Catalonia.

At home in Ireland, the majority of the Irish public are greatly unaware of the growing multiple cracks that occurring in an EU institution foundation. Some citizens have said the majority of the public are being deliberate kept in the dark by the usual older parties. They say little or absolute nothing about what is actually greater happening in Europe.  The pretence that everything is relatively OK, continues onward as they continue to espouse an EU line of policies. Quietly amid themselves, they are too worried about what’s greater going on but putting on calm faces for RTE cameras.

Heaven forbid they expose an accurate true greater picture of Europe unrest and people at home grow similar notions… In that respect, because of social media and the ability of a public to share information a government, a party or even national news network won’t, they are too late!

The EU – in order to also dissuade others from taking the vote route that the UK has too, – is making it as hard as possible for the UK to legally leave without paying heavy penalties and having serious hassle in doing so. At times EU heads have openly media lied about what they are doing in those ongoing Brexit discussions. Their refusal to talk at times, creating deliberate delays and not even turning up for pre-arranged meetings, is all an attempt to also put others off, looking on from other states. They are just out to teach the UK an expensive lesson too, for daring to leave.

Overall, it can be easy said that the EU as a federalisation dream, a Brussels mega-institution,  is in serious trouble. Their latest PR attempt to put a gloss on things includes new buildings, a new massive EU museum and more PR fronts to try add shine to supposed advantages of having an EU. Look behind the PR and the billions of Euro burned through on such PR attempts, it’s possible to see a greater cracking picture.

…One that federalists would rather you didn’t even know existed!

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