Live Life To The Fullest

UnitedPeople is not just about addressing the issues of today. Tomorrow's issues is where we are looking also.

We wish to create a better future for our children. One easier walk towards with an improved democratic process to empower them, to aid their concerns.

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come.
We have only today. Let us begin.”

Mother Teresa


Time to really start addressing areas too long left unresolved. UnitedPeople looks toward the future.

Future Farmers

Thinking ahead for tomorrow, where also do we need to start planning for? What are the new concerns coming?

Fishing - International

Making the most of our offshore food resource by protection and improved viability.

Fishing - Nationally

Local lifestyles & businesses protected & enhanced. Give our next generations more reason to stay.

Natural Resources

The future is not just about what we build but also about protecting what is nature given to beautiful Ireland.


A growing sector not just for Ireland, UnitedPeople still researches and more listens to others on a growing issue.


We take a look at the growing fraking issues being raised. What's important for our countryside and how it should be more protected!