The Health Issue Ducked For Decades!

14316849_1378886635472969_737329349010347414_nOver the years we have heard of many cases where hospitals have screwed up – but when challenged upon their mistakes, (a) they don’t tell on each other – not the done thing or (b) patient records go all too conveniently missing when someone even dares question what went wrong!

The two situations above have far too long existed. They are problems that usual political parties won’t tackle. They are still dodging them! They won’t even mention them. when did your local politician speak about them or mention tackling them?

Both should be tackled – but still the usual parties are quite frankly beating around the issue. In a day of digital records, you would think (a) its possible to sign records in and out (by use of bar-codes and hand scanner) by the person that has them at any time and (b) back-up copies should all be kept on hardrive/cloud format.

…But we could suppose that would lead to further exposing of real truth in matters – so the state can’t be introducing that in case it comes back to bite them too!

(Such is the unwillingness of medical people to testify against one another just in Ireland, any records remarkable not ‘got lost’, have to be sent to England to be examined by professionals there instead. This is costly, time consuming, increases the opportunity for a claim of records going further missing – and more… The whole farce around medical questions even being tried to be raised, continues)

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