The Law Is A Biased Ass In Ireland!

anglo-court-cases-13-752x501The court case involving people and children of Jobstown versus Joan Burton, continues. There is two aspects to this whole farce of a case we would like to highlight.

1. Paul Murphy and other adults charged, could take advantage of their time in the actual dock. Like the Dail floor itself when TD’s speak up, in a court dock upon making a statement or asked to reply to a question asked, you cannot be sued for an answer that you give or any statement you wish to make. In other words, you are free to say anything without fear of prosecution while speaking in a court dock. Food for thought?

2. The Drogheda based, national leader of UnitedPeople just after last Christmas last year, as he was about to go out and collect his newborn child, was attacked at his front door by someone that he didn’t even know. The attacker, possible lied to by others from another party in order to persuade him into attacking UnitedPeople’s leader, tried to carry out the physical assault, he then tried to force his way into the property and when that failed, smashed a large front window.

window-18-310x415The attacker’s court case was finally addressed in August 2016. The attacker was JUST allowed pay €170 for the broken window. He got off with the assault – he got off with the attempted entry into a persons home and he got a slap on the wrist (not even fined) for the broken window and total distress he cause to a family. An absolute joke when it comes to justice!

Then we have the Joan Burton case… She was Jobstown delayed for over an hour as she sat in a car, smiling for cameras outside. At one point she was allegedly had an EMPTY water balloon fired at her and it’s said to have bounced off her. For that case of injustice, there was 20 Garda for six full months dedicated to her case. There was dawn raids of just as many Garda to go arrest adults and kids alike!

Conclusion? The law is an ass! The law is biased towards those that have power and are using it to their best advantage – be it for PR gain for later hopeful votes or just seeing that any opposition could be stamped out!

Clearly when it comes to real assaults and more serious crime in Ireland, its no wonder criminals fear little?

  • If you are willing to pay just €170,  you can attack someone, try invading a property and then do criminal damage? After that, you will get off! No investigation.
  • …But don’t you dare throw an empty water balloon or delay someone for an hour? Then the law only comes out in force? 20 Garda for 6 months! Massive investigation!

Talk about Garda resource usage imbalance?

Justice in Ireland is a god-damn unfunny joke – and its the ordinary citizens, daring to speak up and object to wrongs, that are suffering from the unfairness of it all!

It’s #TimeForBetter.

Click: Jobstown Teen Guilty, Seriously?

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  1. People experience this biased everyday but it goes unmentioned or unnoticed because ordinary people don’t have a voice and no platform to be heard

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