The Maternity Hospital & Fine Gael Madness

Leaving aside (for a minute) the religious issue of org refusing to pay their victims, the handing over of the new national maternity hospital is still mass public, considered madness by the latest crazy actions of Fine Gael.

The handing over of the €300+ Million brand new hospital to an religious organisation appears to be excused because the land it was built on, was owned by the Sisters of Charity. In fact, the Fine Gael government had it any brains or balls, could have issued a compulsory purchase order for the land, in the national interest. This is something it could do under the rules laid out in Ireland national constitution.

Compulsory purchase orders have been many times issued over many decades without any politician breaking into a sweat about it – but it still appears that when it comes to the religious orgs in Ireland, they once again get higher special treatment. They not only get a pass on a compulsory purchase order issued to them – but they are then gifted a massive modern financial asset, to add insult to injury. The further injury being that its is public money that has paid for this hospital and then Fine Gael gave it away.

Injury created through a hospital care of Fine Gael. There is depressing and crazy irony in there!

The latest crazy costly action by Fine Gael exposes yet again how their Dail spoken words of accountability and doing what is right, are complete utter rubbish. Once again they have put the public’s money and concerns down in preference over a religious organisation.

Once again, Fine Gael has kow-towed to a religious organisation and shown that it’s far from willing to separate church from state.

It is very important to note – Fine Gael is currently PR spinning the matter as just something to do with “input into the running of the hospital” – but the matter is far, far more about others aspects – however,  Fine Gael are hoping the general public won’t notice this.

The question also has to be asked “Why give an expensive modern building to a org that frankly has NO modern day qualifications in any medical field?” The Sisters of Charity are not a medical organisation as much as your nearest boy or girl scout troop. If it wasn’t for the Fine Gael land excuse, your local fishing group would be just as qualified to gain a €300 Million asset as a bunch of nuns. In fact, the fishing group might have more skills on a technical level? This didn’t matter a damn to Fine Gael as it once exposed Ireland again, to be seen as stepping backward in step as it kow-towed to a religious organisation.

The nation has built a possible new shining medical beacon for the world – and what does Fine Gael do? Hand the massive financial asset over to an org – one that is currently giving two fingers in hate, to abuse victims it created.
The Victims of Abuse

Yes, lets now bring up that abuse matter. Between the Sisters of Charity and other religious organisations, they owe the state €700 Million Euro. In full truth, they owe €1.4 Billion. A previous government however agreed with them in a contract made, that they would only have to pay half the amount, gain legal indemnity from being further sued, if they paid 50% of what is owed.

As we now know, the religious orgs are refusing even to pay that 50%. They are refusing to compensate their victims. Fine Gael, Fianna Fail, Labour and the Green Party, ALL is letting them away with this.

There was previous PR words spoken that if they didn’t pay up, assets would be seized – but as we know now, this was more blatant lies spoken. They probably knew they were lies even as they said them.

The religious orgs are refusing to pay what they owe – so in fact THEY HAVE BROKE THEIR PART OF THE AGREED STATE DEAL. As they have done this, in legal terms, they leave themselves open again, to prosecution. Fine Gael however in kow-towing to them, once again doesn’t have the balls to do this. Surprise-surprise?

The state government if it had balls and brains, if it was willing to show Ireland as progressive, separating church from state, would therefore go after those breaking their end of an agreed deal – but no… Instead of progressing Ireland further, Fine Gael once again has exposed Ireland as going backward – and even worse, to the cost of the Ireland citizen, rewarding an religious org that has broken their part of a national deal, with a whopping €300 Million public funded asset.

Just how f**king crazy is this!

Fine Gael to sum up, has no balls, traitors to the people of Ireland, completely untrustworthy and completely stupid. They have done some treacherous things before and they will likely do so again before they are kicked out of office – but their latest action over a national maternity hospital will go down in Ireland history as one of their biggest ever crazy f**k-ups.

All at the expense of the Irish public!
What Would UnitedPeople Do?

  • Firstly, UnitedPeople would insist that the religious orgs current not even paying what they agreed to pay, and thus having rescinded their part of an agreed deal, would be prosecuted.
  • Secondly, compulsory purchase orders would be issued.
  • Thirdly, assets already belonging to the non-payers would be seized.
  • Fourthly, if the handover of the national maternity hospital goes ahead as long planned by treacherous Fine Gael, UnitedPeople using the powers within the Irish constitution, would seize it back. If those powers were not enough, we would hold a referendum to further legislate so that the constitution could be enhanced to give back to the public, what they deserve.


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