water  Since the start of the century for Ireland, its become more apparent that there is a quiet agenda by old political parties to further break-up state services and bit by bit, quietly, undemocratic privatise it all. Part of these more public objected to attempts was the proposed loss of part of the nations forestry, the destruction of state employment services and the bullied in private company Irish Water which legal-wise, was deliberate left also unaccountable to the state Ombudsman department.

Hospital services and local council services have gone the same route. National bus services and transport routes are being also quiet back-door privatised by sale and break-up. This continued destruction of what the state is meant to own but is giving away, has got to stop! There will be far less for future generation government to have control over, for our children to come. Private business and corporations will be too much ‘calling the shots’.

UnitedPeople is campaigning to not only stop the tide of quiet destruction but turn the flow back favourably for the people, so that they can again have greater say over the services they are being being still charged for in taxation – but that private interests are presently self-profiting.


Ireland at a crossroads says Crowe - click HERE

“Ireland is clearly at a crossroads- we can go forward or back. We need serious capital investment, but worryingly the minority Fine Gael/Independent government appears committed to cuts in taxes, as well as the further privatisation and downgrading of essential services...

...The continued lack of public investment by consecutive Government’s has created crises and shortages in our health and education service, in housing and transport, and in childcare provision."


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Why A Privatisation Route?

The PR pitch made by politicians and business people alike, to the public for pursuing privatisation of public services, at first appears full of justification. The original thinking sold is that privatisation will bring more efficiency, saving the state money and hassle. That’s how those who seek to exploit, want it to appear. They claim state services can only get better through privatisation.

This line of thinking when actually stated, can be considered a slight toward anyone actually working in the state public services. Many citizens have worked personally with other state employees and found then in fact to be just as efficient or cost effective, if not more, if and when allowed!. Sadly, they are less respected in many ways, not just toward pay conditions when private profiteers are allowed more enter. Workers become treated with harsher working conditions once greater profit motives kick in. An aspect not present normally found in standard state employment.

We have privatisation of state services by the quiet, back door legislation - and a nation of people are not supposed to notice - but many have thankfully.

• Council work - (plumbing, electrical, plumbing,, carpentry, etc) contracted out.
• Social services work - contracted out.
• County management services - contracted out.
• Hospital services (nurses, clerical, cleaning, canteen) - all contracted out.
• Housing of homeless - contracted out (chain hotels etc - far less actual building).
• Maintaining our road networks - contracted out (to foreign companies).
• Education services - contracted out.
It goes on and on...

Elected Deliberate Screwing Up State Sectors.
screen-shot-2014-09-01-at-12-03-38Many have social media commentated up on it. Many have attempted to voice concerns to media such radio and newspapers. Many of the same media radio and newspapers don't allow such exposures to be wider known to other citizens due to their political bias.
What are many trying to expose? Only that corrupt, rotten elected are deliberate trying to run down services so bad in the state, that the doorway to privatisation is sold to the public as the only solution.
Take the Ireland's health care system around the country, for example...
So sure that they will try get away with it, Labour's next leader, Brendan Howlin has stated that government want about 30% of the population to pay for private health insurance. He then stated "in order for that to happen, they really required the public system to be inferior."



.It's IMPORTANT people full understand the implications of the above statement.
In order to get the public to (a) swallow an eventual sales pitch of privatisation or its quiet insertion without a public vote... (b) In order to get the public once more extracted like a bank machine, of whatever change they are left in their pockets...
...Elected have been deliberate creating the conditions to see that sectors of once state services, are run so down, privatisation of state services is forced in, so that a greedy elite can more finance win - while the citizens of Ireland lose yet again...

* Look at our health services - run down so - all being quiet bit by bit contract privatised.
* Look at our state employment services - run down so - all being quiet bit by bit privatised (Seetec & Abtran sneaked quiet in).
* Look at our education system - run down so - private clothing and book companies can more profit - while companies like Abtran also come in quietly!
* Look at our local council services (plumbing, carpentry, rubbish, electrical work, etc) - all run down so - privatisation can be sneaked in through civil service reductions and private tenders sneaked quiet in instead!

* Bus services - Luas (private company) doing the main public transport around Dublin, national bus service routes being divided up and sold off to private companies - along with work reduced for civil servant drivers.

* Private companies tied previously to gain their hands on national forestry assets. Due to public protest, was canned. It's suspected however that they will be back again or political parties will quiet find another route to pass those assets on like they did with water services through enacted legislation, no citizen was given a referendum vote on.

As long as we accept this ongoing, un-public voted for process to be allowed continue, it's going to see not just the present generation losing out more while paying in taxes - then paying again for same to private companies, future offspring will also inherit a hefty price for our complacency and daftness to elect individuals/parties carrying out a sly privatisation agenda.
If you care about this matter (a) make others aware of what's really going on and (b) help expose the rotten parties and individuals that's aiding what is also a TTIP Treaty privatisation agenda - which will by legal law, financially beat you and your kids up more, for years, even decades, to come!

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