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7th November 2017.

JobPath - Underhand State Illegal Tactics Continue.
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On record, below, a court supplied statement from parties involved admitting they CANNOT impose sanctions (or cuts) for the non-signing of a private contract.

If they have cut your money, they have done so illegally. The victim in this case, had to have his money given back to him by the misleading, when they had to admit NO LEGISLATION EXISTS that gives them to any power to imposed cuts/sanctions due to a non-signing.

Sign this or else - Part one...

Seetec Personal Progress Plan Contract Section - Part One.

  1. How did they get your information when the 2015 European Court of Justice (Bara case) has stated you must be fully PRIOR informed and permission sought, for the transfer of your data just between state departments - never mind to a further private company?
  2. They actually state the wrong act also. No such legislation exists in the 2005 Act. They do have state references in the 2010 Act - so that incorrect contract provided could be rendered misleading and null/void subsequently under remedies to contract law. Don't take our word of it see "Essentials of Irish Business law" by Aine Keenan or "Principles of Irish Law" by Brian Doolan.
  3. "...information will be NOT disclosed etc..." Really? Didn't their previous section just indicate that there would be (illegal) sharing?
  4. By signing, you are awarding them a right to further invade your personal life, contact people connected to you - and all without you further being informed before or after. Did we mention that your information is also being transferred out of the state and we have the server I.P. addresses to prove it? To UK locations where the law is weaker!

Sign this or else - Part two...

Seetec Personal Progress Plan Contract Section - Part Two.

  1. By signing this you are legal entering into a private contract.
  2. You are agreeing to do ONLY the courses or smaller training as demanded by the private companies. Try doing other courses or third level education, they will cut your money off completely. Nice eh? They should read Article 45 of the Irish constitution!
  3. By signing this you are AWARDING them the right to apply cuts/sanctions. If that's the case, how are they then imposing same beforehand? Opps? You're not meant to kop this obviously? What? They didn't point this put to you - you know - explain terms and conditions FULLY of a contract they want you to sign?
  4. By signing this you are AWARDING them the right to contact you. If that's the case, how legally are they doing it beforehand? You're not meant to kop this also?
  5. By signing this you are AWARDING them the right to invade not just your private life - but of your family, partner and kids also. If you hold ANYTHING back, they also gain the right to punish you. THIS IS A PRIVATE COMPANY!!!

Latest Update Below
- 12th October 2017 -

Seetec and the government taken to court = Read HERE


As part of the sneaky privatisation agenda quietly pursued by Fine Gael, Fianna Fail and others, one of the foreign private companies that has been brought in is Seetec. Seetec claims that is it one of the UK's largest and most experienced employment, training and job-search support specialists.

Where once it was the task of ANCO, Manpower and FAS to look after unemployed citizens, those state department services have now been closed down. Instead, political parties through a silent unannounced back-door route, have given those duties to a private company. State employment services have been scrapped and the private companies have again moved in!

Once Seetec moved in, the political parties involved with it's invitation handed the private company the personal data of unemployed people from every corner of the country. This data includes names, addresses, dates of birth, social welfare numbers, contact details, email addresses and more - all handed over to yet another private company without any express permission given from those who are unemployed.

Did the Irish government tell everyone in advance that they were quietly sneaking in another foreign private company and worse, giving them copies of Citizen's personal information? What reassurances were given to government regarding data security of same?

Who in government authorised this massive transfer of public data? Who awarded the contract? How was it awarded? Was it put out to tender or what was the awarding process, and based on what criteria? What were the protocol safeguards instigated during the company assessments?

Why all the secrecy? Why have citizens been kept in the dark with little or no media announcements, ministers not speaking publicly on the matter in press statements, or  no detailed discussion allowed in Dail Eireann? Where is there any evidence of fair, democratic or transparent process in all this? There is none.

The political parties continue to duck the data protection and may claim they were legally entitled to do it. This might be the case - however, as the citizens of Ireland know only too well, when political parties in government want to get up to something they usually make sure they write the legislation laws first so that they can get away with it!

In the past few years in particular, is had been judged that citizens are suffering a progressive and nasty undermining attack, based in this case, on their unemployment social status. Seetec in Ireland is leading the current charge of this attack, instigated quietly by the Irish government.

So Who Opened The Back Door To Seetec?

In 2011 the new minister for social protection, Joan Burton, was given the role to deal with high unemployment numbers. Her job was was, one way or other, to get those numbers down.

Using old tricks from the government book of stunts, Joan Burton decided that one of the best ways get the figures down was to massage numbers the old way. This resulted in the emergence of JobBridge (or 'ScamBridge') and Gateway - two of the most odious and degenerating back-to-work schemes ever conceived by any Irish government past of present.

After this came Jobspath (and TUS). Basically, it was a case of job seekers for sale, to the lowest bidder. The writing for the mistreatment, degradation and humiliation of the unemployed was on the wall.

An Oireachtas press release (14th October 2014) stated the Jobpath ‘racket’ (the privatisation again, of Social Welfare services) would engage 178,000 jobseekers to begin with. To fudge the employment numbers, 1,000 caseworkers were provided by two more outside private firms.

To quote Adam O Braonain, a civil rights activist;

“Contractors will be paid a mixture of referral fees and “job sustainment fees” on a staggered basis so as to ensure the provider’s focus on delivering a “tangible result” is maintained. The basic principle is that the contracted organisation gets paid a commission for every job seeker which is referred to them and a further fee for finding that individual a job. This will in essence, convert citizens into company assets, PPS numbers on a screen, each of which with a price tag attached.”

Irish Times (Oct 11th, 2014) came the quiet announcement:

‘the department has selected British recruitment firm Seetec and a consortium known as Turas Nua, comprising Irish recruiter FRS and UK company Working Links, to run the programme’

(UK based Working Links parent company, A4e, was centre of a fraud investigation, May 2012, relating to their welfare contracts.)

Points To Note.

  • SeeTec is a private company hired using Irish tax payers money to do the work which previous state departments were doing. This is yet another example of the back-door  privatisation of state services for the benefit of profit seekers.
  • SeeTec contacts people telling them they are "Invited" to participate - later to tell them they must turn up or their Social Welfare benefits might be cut. So much for a pleasant invite? "Invite" - the state turning the word into a euphemism for "intimidation".
  • This immediately raises two points (a) what contract made them legal agents for the social welfare department (for they are now acting as such) and (b) is this now more state intimidation? It’s a now a case of turn up or else! Do what you are told or else! A bit like the household tax, the water charges issue, European judged dodgy VRT tax imposition – pay up or else!
  • The company has not gone down too well in England at all. You can Google this lot and read reviews from staff and forced participants. You will discover that their experiences are often shocking!
  • Seetec decline to admit that they are a private company or that they have been given everyone's data. Instead they espouse that they are “working in conjunction with government departments and staff” as a PR workaround. A nicer way of saying they are not actually state civil servants!
  • The official aim of Seetec is to put people into jobs. There is report after report of the company quietly striving to meet their assigned numeric targets so that their profits will reap financial rewards for their top brass. Rather than encourage people to achieve what they are personally aiming for, they strive to have citizens herded through their company, shoved into lower paid jobs like stacking shelves, production lines or other menial jobs on lower pay. All so they they can claim another financial amount off the state as their processed numbers build up. They will deny this of course but the reviews and insider statements exposing their attitude and core reason for operation are out in the public domain by the bucket-load. Besides Google, social media is also a great research tool.
  • In England, Seetec appear to be ultra trigger happy in trying to cut off claimant’s social welfare payments. Miss an appointment – cut first, ask questions later. Turn down a job offered, one that leaves you financial worse off than what you are getting in basic social welfare? They will see that you are cut off! Heads - the state wins, tails - you lose! Heaven help you if you are a mother or father with kids to feed and a home to keep over your head. Don’t just take our word for it though. Again, Google is your research friend on this matter.
  • There is a high turnover of staff as the lower minions are under serious pressure to get 'results'. More numbers means more private company profits to be gained for even lesser individuals than those at the very top!

Former Employee - London, City of in London, England.

“Age discrimination - I watched many people being fired, whoops, made redundant because they were over 45. I also saw managers bully people with disabilities into work they didn't want so that the managers could hit targets and the company could get their phenomenal handouts from the government regardless of whether jobs were sustainable for even more than 1 day. I saw cover ups galore… As regards the job you are either under pressure until you bleed or you have absolutely nothing to do at all for weeks on end, but don't take my word for all this just Google Seetec…”

One lady who contacted UnitedPeople, was so stressed and relentlessly pressurised by state inspired bullying tactics that she ended up silting her wrists at an unemployment center and sinking down into a dark depression. This lady provided the image below after her physical recovery but we are sparing the reader here from more graphic pictures she also shared.

Seetec, Jobpath or Tus - whatever name is put on the state operation to bully the unemployed, doesn't appear to take into account people's actual living conditions or their  their financial situation. They even ignore the physical and mental health of the unfortunate people they are strong-arming on behalf of the government.

Seetec, as far as it is concerned, just wants numbers processed as at the end of the day or month, higher numbers means more profit.

Another aspect of this scam is that the unemployed of Ireland now have become nothing more than a marketable commodity. Their existing numbers means that they are there to be seen as an opportunity for a private company to use like an asset, for it's own financial gain. A means to someone else's end!

All this misery and more can be found to be connected to Seetec or similar operators - all instigated and allowed to continue by the older political parties in consecutive governments. Ireland now has parties and people that now are ducking their away from this growing issue. They only want to be seen to speak up when the consequences of their actions are good. They are no where to be seen when a mess they have inspired or continue to deny turns out to be rotten and terrifying - as in continuing cases today!

Footnote: Seetec allegedly did not previously even have the requisite licences to run even City & Guild exams such as the Comptia 801 and 802 tests. As the former FAS has been broken up into many areas, now ripe for private profit exploitation (TTIP agenda again), Seetec apparently had to re-apply themselves for qualifications, to have even a basic operation!

UnitedPeople continues to investigate this company and those operating at the top of it as well as those politicians responsible for bringing this exploitive operation to Ireland. The giving away of personal data also is a major issue that UnitedPeople pursues within this whole questionable set-up.


The response from the above article pointing out already existing concerns has hit home with a good few people. Some have contacted UP to tell of their own experiences. Here is just a few.

"I am aged 55 Female. I have had one call in to Tus and it is an obnoxious procedure to massage unemployment figures. I resend being used as a commodity in a political game. I want to retaliate and fight back and I want to hear questions being asked in the Dail. I am furious that my personal information is on a private companies data base without my consultation. Intero have a lot to answer for here. They streamed the people from Intero to Tus Nua without a by or leave. I will fight this."


"I know a few people who have been going for a while and they say it's a complete waste of time. I don't like the fact we are being forced do all this. As you said we are invited to attend these but at same time being threatened. It makes people feel worse about themselves and think worse about the social welfare system. Do can do as they wish with us and we can't do a thing about it. Simple as that."

A third.

These have been contacting me a lot, I didn't give permission for them to get my data.

A fourth quote.

"Just went though your article about Turas Nua. I am due for my second meeting tomorrow after group meeting last week, and I am dreading going in there. Was told I would be required attend a meeting every week or every two weeks. Which is way over the top in my opinion!

Was also told last week that this was designed first for people over 1 year unemployed but they decided to include everyone from now on. I done a Tus scheme last year. Was told countless times I could not continue it after the year even though I was willing do it and Tus supervisor was willing keep me.

Now I am unemployed for a month and already have this crowed on my back. If they try force me take jobs I don't want or would not be financial better I will simply just sign off. Would have no other choice. My mind and well being comes before money no matter what."

Seetec was apparently supposed to be going to 'assist' those unemployed over a year. That was their given mandate. However, a number of people/bullied have come back to UnitedPeople and stated that they were far less than a year - but still Seetec came chasing them!

As we have mentioned before, Seetec makes it profits according to the number is can shove through its process. They were handed people (and their data) like a stock item, to be processed. The more they can get in 'stock' and the more they can process through, the more money the company executives get in additional bonus payments on top of general corporate profits. So it should be NO surprise that any company would try 'fishing' to use more stock when they have been allowed by a government to gain access easier to a 'larger catch'.

The unemployed have become a serious market commodity for private company profit! No wonder possible alleged abuses then occur?

We would like to make clear that there is also some extremely good staff employed within this private company. A lot of them are genuinely trying to better the lives of those passing through its doors.

There is an ongoing concern about those being "invited", the national personal data the private company has obtained without express permission given, the EU legality about it, the protection of it and how citizens now have become a means to an end for company directors profits.

The addition political aspect that this whole process is another possible way for parties to fudge employment figures, also raises it head regular.


December 1st, 2016

UnitedPeople is still being contacted about Seetect asking people to sign over their right to privacy.

On the second last page of a brochure they had out to 'invited' (don't turn up and there could be consequences they allude), there is also a aprt that is connected to their supposed wish to gain more of your personal data and what they can do with let from there on. They are not the only ones making this demand its also alleged by people contacting UnitedPeople!

IMPORTANT: We should point out that those involved on a TUS scheme only send  people toward not for profit organisations. People have reported to us that they have been tried by Seetec, to be transferred from a TUS scheme, to a Seetec operation or soon after finishing a TUS scheme they have been 'Invited' to go to Seetec. No fault is implied as regards TUS. There are concerns about how Seetec alone, has come about and how they are continuing to operate.

1st January 2017
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16th January 2017

Foreign Imported Company Allegedly Demanding Private Email Passwords

UP has had two separate, total unconnected except by topic, phone-calls this morning related to the British imported, private company, Seetec. Both calls related to their antics or in one case, not willing to engage with a person.

In both cases, they also allegedly, were asking also for passwords to people private email accounts. To be honest, if this is true, it would not at all as a surprise.

This is a private company that a Fine Gael (and Labour) government handed over serious amounts of private information to, that belongs to Irish citizens. They did this without any personal consent asked for and without even notifying hundreds of thousands that they were going to do it.

When it comes to people's right so their own personal information and the retention of those rights, Fine Gael and all those that sick prop it up as it continues to water down those rights, should be utterly ashamed of themselves.

The handing over of people's personal information continues unabated by the state. Naturally, the state under Fine Gael is not telling their own people this - and a lot more...

Clarity will be sought by UnitedPeople with the Data Protection office as to the current watered down legal rights people have in Ireland, regarding their right to keep their own passwords private when contending with a private company.

.15th June 2017

UnitedPeople continues to collect many statements on Seetec antics. Some of these are being reported through UnitedPeople's Facebook page which can be found HERE.

UnitedPeople will soon release a detailed report including many of these statements and more information about this ongoing legalised national bullying.

This is all happening under the same parties that have allowed previous national abuses to happen and then hold  inquiries later, to what was allowed previous. will there be an investigation into the antics later in years? It's growing increasingly likely!

Should anyone wish to contact UnitedPeople, they can do so by filling in the below contact box or use the alternative information available.

STRICT confidentiality is assured.

Postal address:
31 Beaulieu View, Drogheda,
Co Louth, Ireland.

Direct email:

UnitedPeople can be contacted direct through Facebook by PM message.