The Sham Shamrock Hidden Aspect.

The Sham Shamrock

The Fine Gael party and its collaborators are deliberately keeping an aspect of the Trump presidency hidden from Irish citizens – Trump has begun scrapping what’s known as “Sanctuary Cities”.

This means that Irish people without their legal status defined will be sent packing back to Ireland immediately. They will be effectively ‘booted out’ – probably with future barring order for good measure.

Sanctuary cities began to appear in the 1980’s as a means of sheltering immigrants who were trying to escape the violence in South America; then these safe havens began to crop up across the country. The Americans then realised that they needed the manpower from these people to do those jobs which others felt was below their snobbish, self-adopted standards.

Fine Gael and and its collaborators, including part of Irish media is deliberately failing to report the changes. Why? Well, Enda and Fine Gael want a photo opportunity on St Patrick’s Day. They need the PR opportunity, if only at least to try claw themselves back into the hearts of the Irish people. They also don’t want to upset their business friend or because it all comes down to money.

So Ireland’s people are being kept in the dark by silent collaborators in government. Come St Patrick’s Day, Enda is going to grovel and kiss backside while handing over a bowl of shamrocks to Trump in a photo opportunity while Trump tries to kick Irish people out of the US..

Sickening stuff.

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