The TTIP Treaty is perhaps the most dangerous quietly sneaked in operation for many decades under a supposed democratic Europe. 500+ million people are going to be subjected, if its not rejected, to a wide range of negative aspects and effects. It cannot be underscored how bad this treat is – a treaty that’s being tried brought in without a public democratic vote on the matter!

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Liberty And Tyranny.

American state founder & politician Thomas Jefferson once said “When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.”

To many, that is where Ireland is today.

People began to deep fear what stunt a Fine Gael & Labour government was going to pull next upon them. How it stayed in office for five years, was through sheer hard neck, ignoring what the people actually wanted, continuously lying, massively u-turning and seeing biased media work its magic to their favour! Ireland meanwhile was being sold off to Europe for the sake of gaining a federal state, more state service privatisations for big business there to even more private profit.

cmcbhizwgaalj2oThe TTIP Treaty and the continuing ramming of it down the throats of the Irish people without their consent vote continues while another coalition carries on same style as the last with Fine Gael, they doing what EU heads wants first – Ireland actual voters with their wishes, coming further down a long queue. Fine Gael continued previously doing whatever it liked, Labour assisted them – now Fianna Fail and Endapendents joins Fine Gael – letting them away with it all – when not also participating!

Each spins its PR propaganda through RTE state services and through a media empire owned by a financial supporter and donator to Fine Gael. At times they and a media mogul appeared to be looking out for one another symbiotically?

The people of Ireland have been screwed over for the sake of others wealth, cronyism and nepotism – big time! They have been robbed financially in many open and back-door ways. They had their rights reduced quietly, openly and covertly and were being forced, press-ganged and intimidated, harassed, into contracts with companies they wanted nothing to do with. The TTIP Treaty brings more of this – legalising it all!

Many of Ireland’s people fear the government and the stunts they are going to try pull next. Others, thankfully, have decided to stand their ground bravely, peacefully in defiance, seeking to protect their country and their individual rights. “Long may it continue” is a growing feeling.



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