The UK Will Be Kicking Out Criminals

uk-flagMore government news has been released regarding illegal immigrants and criminals. The UK is to instigate stronger measures on people who come to their country and commit crime. The UK now is seeking to have them kicked out also as a penalty for any found guilty misdeeds.

European criminals who commit offences will be deported and banned from the UK for up to 10 years. Announced at the Conservative Party Conference, the UK Home Secretary, Amber Rudd stated their Government does not need to wait until Brexit to introduce the measures. She said that it would be made clear to courts what to take into account when considering deporting EU criminals and put them on a similar footing to other foreign offenders. She continued by saying EU nationals who repeatedly committed minor crimes would be kicked out of the country and face a lengthy ban. She added that they would be delivering a “immigration system that protects our citizens and puts British citizens first”.

in an further announcement, the UK will see that landlords who rent homes to illegal immigrants, will face jail. This is planned to come into force from December onwards. Banks will be forced to check that they are not giving essential services to illegal immigrants. Tougher tests for firms recruiting from abroad will also be imposed, to try give legal UK residents a better chance of employment.

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