The Untouchable Rails Of Politics In Ireland.

14370452_1315749855102378_7192556151826576259_nIn the USA there is a term used called “The third rail of politics”. The expression is used to explain how elected stay away from something that when touched, might (electric) shock them and so do them more harm than good. The result is that they deliberate stay away from touching that rail (political topic).

Ireland has its own ‘rails’ that politicians are wiry to touch.

1. Social Welfare
2. Pensions.
3. Ireland Neutrality

As of late in Ireland, there has emerged more ‘rails’ that old and newer parties are unwilling to touch.

4. The continued existence of Irish Water
5. The continued bullying in of water meters
6. The privatisation agenda of right-wing parties
7. The constitution changes needed

The last four are either being ducked and dived on, core issues left un-addressed as elected PR spin around the edges – or they avoid them completely as to touch a particular topic would expose their own role in a still ongoing quiet issue!

Politics in Ireland has become about issues that many are not willing to talk about with their own local townspeople. In local communities (for votes) they might go on about fixing the roads, getting street lights or other local issues – but when it comes to the big topics that are still waiting to be talked about in towns and cities, your local politician is again all too quiet. They avoid the political ‘rails’ with their very own local voters.

The above list of seven topics is issues today that have to be addressed. The citizens of Ireland RIGHT NOW are being quietly screwed over those topics. The citizens of Ireland RIGHT NOW are being kept in the dark while disgraceful sly governments are carrying out operations that is non-beneficial to citizens – but not telling the citizens what they are up to!

Over the next few weeks, UnitedPeople is going to be posting more on these topics. Readers can choose to learn more regarding the ‘rails’ their local and national politicians are avoiding completely or just skirting around – but UnitedPeople will address the core of these issues and further inform the citizens of Ireland just what their bad elected is not telling you they are actually up to!

A better informed public, is one much harder to fool for votes!

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