Too Many Silent Elected Ignoring Tax Dodging?

download  Imagine a local business in your community decided to invent a fiction business, a fiction property for that business and fiction staff for that business. Now imagine that all this was given job titles and people to front it. Imagine that all this was only on paper and didn’t exist in real life as an operation. Now imagine that all the previous was handed over to government departments who with the slightest bit of any investigation done, would find it all to be compete cobblers. Now imagine that political parties in government knowing all about this complete fiction, regular was conveniently blind to it all or right now won’t talk about it. Imagine that instead of talking about it all, they try to distract their voters away from all the previous by going on about something else – in an attempt to lay blame elsewhere. Imagine that all the previous to this day, allows the original local business, to escape paying a 12.5% corporation tax using their known fiction, that everyone is told to absolutely pay! Imagine they pay little or absolutely NOTHING!

Welcome to reality in Ireland 2016.

What are you going to call that local business that paying nothing? Maybe Apple, Starbucks, Google or some other name? Now – having done all the above, would you expect the local business to continue to get away with it all in a supposedly fair, legal justice system or with a decent political party in government?

No, you would not.

The local business screwing the state out of billions of Euro owed, would of course be within a tax year, see itself and those involved, hauled before a judge after a serious investigation by a fraud squad team. Sadly, in Ireland 2016 this has not happened. The business instead gets away what it’s done before and politicians continue to try distract voters away from all that they either was involved in setting up or allowing to continue.

Welcome to reality in Ireland 2016.

An article today in the Irish Examiner (see HERE) rightly brings up the topic of vulture funds not paying their own way. They have been also found to be dodging paying tax by legal means. As one Mr Donnelly says in the article:

“The Government didn’t, and doesn’t, seem to be too interested in dealing with the issue.”

…And he is right.

appletaxEven worse though, is the far larger tax dodging activities of major companies that’s losing the state Billions of Euro per year – and the parties of Fine Gael, Fianna Fail and Labour incredibility are still saying nothing about about how they are going to clamp down on corporations. The parties of Fine Gael, Fianna Fail and Labour incredibility seem to be all too silent the massive tax dodging while speaking to the media, crying about how we have little money to afford social welfare and then try taint those on it as the ones that’s undermining the financial resources of the state? Anyone find this all crazy and full of disgusting hypocrisy?

Now amid all the above madness, two things to final imagine… Imagine the state where all this fiction is allowed and a state where three austerity budgets are supposed to come due to the broke nature of the state – through lack of money going into it! That state is told they are to be given €13 Billion Euro back in money that’s starter owed to it – when it’s also assessed that €300+ Billion Euro could be ultimately owed to it by previous and still existing tax dodging businesses.

Now imagine a deliberate distracting, business tax issue dodging government not only rejecting the €13 billion been given to it that’s much needed – but also spending more crazy wasted millions fighting a legal case for a tax dodging business, so that they can continue to operate in such a low payment fashion if they can. A rate again possibly far below the 12.5 % rate most everyone else is forced to pay!

Welcome to reality in Ireland 2016.

QUESTION: Why in heaven’s name would anyone stand by such a government or by the parties involved if they have ANY modicum of honestly or decency in their bones?

Over to you…

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