Top Ireland Parties Should Learn From US Election

memory-279904_960_720 Now that the US President electioneering period is over, USA voting day having arrived, a number of Ireland political parties could do well to learn from the last few months in America.

The battle between main rivals Clinton and Trump has seen an unprecedented level of hatred and name calling on a scale that, even by US standards, has gone to in even further low standards. The Democrats in particular, have not only hit out at the Republicans but lashed out big time at their supporters at times referring to them regular as cranks and zealots. This in turn has further alienated people right across the country. Both top candidates have the highest rate of “disliked presidential candidates” ever, for any US election.

The outcome is a greater major social divide emerging. Not only will there be a far greater “us” and “them” divide of support but any usual expected cross-society healing that normally happens to some degree, will now be far harder. It’s thought that there might be a further new Trump based political party or movement if, as expected, Trump does lose the US election race.

Whoever wins, they will face unprecedented hatred from voters on another side that have been slandered through name calling and making them out to be a bunch to trouble makers or a lunatic fringe! Gaining their possible support  later on any issues, is going to be a task of near miracle expectation.

The Bigger Picture.

If any of the above sounds familiar, its the same tactics that Fine Gael, Fianna Fail and the Labour party, etc has carried out in Ireland also. Here too in Ireland, members of the public has been lashed at, in similar fashion.

Similar name calling by political heads and party supporters has incensed many and they are not too willing to forget. The political parties carrying out such poor tactics, if they had any sense, should realise that in the long run, they are not doing themselves any favours. If they do already – they don’t appear to give a damn!

By going to greater lengths to antagonise and insult core voters, tainting them as just ‘trouble’ or a ‘fringe’, in attempt to undermine them and tarnish them in the eyes of other public, Ireland political parties further increasing a growing social divide on Irish soil.

fg-and-ff-dropThe numbers combined that support either Fine Gael or Fianna Fail can easily be seen to be heading downward in percentage over many years of general elections. Their current smearing methods can only aid that decline to continue?

The current methods of both parties and others carrying out same public smearing tactics, does not aid state social stabilisation – or if they even cared about their party in the long-term, they are certainly not doing themselves any favours.

Fine Gael, Fianna Fail and Labour though, in order to see through their own short term agendas (that includes a lot of scare tactics, financial raping and bullying of Ireland citizens), is still willing sacrifice long term state gain for the sake of quicker top party member self-gain.

The next local and European elections will be watched very careful by top parties for a usual number of reasons. One more reason has been added/created by them. They will be watching through voter numbers, just how much they have greater alienated lower to middle class Ireland by their continuing public smearing tactics.

The divide they have further enhanced by their low open and quiet sly tactics, has left Ireland divided, like America, like never before?

Political parties in Ireland could learn a lesson from the way the US presidential election has gone in even further low quality. Ireland elected and their supporters, by their own tactics, could be said to be heading the same way downward.

In the long run, no one wins from such a self-created political and social mess!

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