Ireland Transport.

Public Transport in Ireland

UnitedPeople seeks to create a functional public transport system in Ireland including an underground carrier system. We also seek a better extended commuter train service to the major cities in Ireland.

We would like to see if it is possible to create subsidised or free travel for students depending on how much family disposable income is left over after basic living needs have been met.

We would like to see motor tax ring-fenced and used for road infrastructure. In the past this revenue has been directed towards other government departments despite elected representatives promising this would not happen.

Those breaking their word at local or national level would be held more accountable through the Recall process.

This Participatory Democracy process (also applicable to other departmental sectors) will no doubt be fiercely resisted by current elected representatives. The thought of the elected being more accountable to the public for their misdeeds or broken word, would have them create a litany of possible polished excuses as to why it shouldn't happen.

This is expected but UnitedPeople is determined to make all elected representatives more accountable to the public.

UnitedPeople would see an end to paying private companies financial compensation due to lack of traffic flow. It's a ridiculous situation.

Such private companies were willing to contract commit to the management of the nation's roadways when they smelled huge profits - but when they suffer a drop in profits, they cry foul - and expect the Irish state compensate them for it.

SME's and other large scale private operations in the country are not rewarded for lack of customers. Why should essential state revenue be wasted in such an unfair fashion toward one sector? Besides the cost to the taxpayer, it's business model is discriminatory.

UnitedPeople would see that all the road toll revenues would be returned to public ownership for the benefit of the state.

The continuing ways in which motor insurance is hiked in favour of private profit over the customer's ability to pay, would be investigated. Fairer means would be found to balance out the costs to vehicle owners.

UnitedPeople would look into the creation of possible inducements for motor insurance companies to allow lower driver/owner costs. These could be introduced in novel ways such as advanced driving courses taken or the self-imposition of third party utilities to restrict driving when under the possible influence or speed restriction devises installed - for simple example.

This could all be investigated with consultation between the public and businesses and  could eventually not only save money for citizens but have a positive effect on the numbers of lives saved through road traffic accidents.

UnitedPeople, here as in other areas, welcomes fresh thinking and a re-evaluation of methods used in the past. More positive and fairer methods for both citizens and businesses should be sought.

We welcome this unique challenge.

. UnitedPeople fishing

.Agriculture & Fisheries

UnitedPeople would like to see animal welfare a priority in law reform. The introduction of a greater involvement, departmental position for animal welfare, advising ministerial elected - if not allocated to a sub-ministerial position on their own, would be greater sought to be created.

Without question, as soon as possible, a ban on over-usage of super trawlers in Irish waters would instigated or if tried halted, be sought firstly through greater international consultation before if necessary, moving to the European Court with a legal challenge that could be initiated based on particular related aspects. UnitedPeople feels strongly that Ireland should regain fairer fishing rights at European level. This must be more done to greater ensure the social and economic survival of Ireland's local and national fishing industry. It's not a question of "If" it should be done - it MUST be done. The sooner, the better...

Readdress the huge imbalance and protects Ireland shores from the over-fishing by super-trawlers against the far less amount Ireland's smaller fishing boats can capture within any one period. Addressing the imbalance between the two categories will help ensure employment and increase the home fishing market sector. The knock-on from this, toward other businesses (able to lower their customer food costs) could increase such areas as tourism and food hospitality industry. Leading on from this again, it all could be of further national economic benefit in many ways.

LambThrough the IFA, ICSA (Irish Cattle & Sheep farmers Association), etc. UnitedPeople would seek to create better economic price stability at European level regarding exports to foreign markets.

Dairy expansion needs again to be looked at and enhanced for both existing farmers and potential incoming new ones. It's much less become an areas of economic interest for younger citizens wishing to enter the agriculture sector in some way. More would sought to be done in this area by UnitedPeople. The benefits would help at local and national level.

Ireland is facing further upcoming problems regarding availability of land for rent or purchase. To try head this off, UnitedPeople would like to instigate a rental/purchase scheme for start-up or experienced trained farmers to allow them to expand their business and home stability.

UnitedPeople would like to instigate new state policies and practices allowing greater opportunity for farmers to gain greater use out of solar power to run their machinery. This could not only save farmers money  but also make some back by feeding any excess created into the national grid. the current lack of resources including advice and financial assistance, is simply deplorable. Help in fact, should be available both to farmers and anyone wishing to avail of the new possibilities of solar energy.

At a time when the state is charging a 'green tax' with an excuse related to emissions, it is not acting in the best interests of citizens to ease their burdens in this area. The government in fact is crying out for new sources of new energy to be created - but when it comes to close to home ability to do so, little or no help is available whatsoever. UnitedPeople recognises this and would turn this around.

Another issue that needs to be addressed is in the areas of land Commonage. Acting in a free intermediary capacity, UnitedPeople would seek to create better farm Commange policies. as agriculture land at times has now become more scare, its without doubt necessary to better define better legislation regarding land rights and the use of same between people.


We are not finished here however - we have just started. UnitedPeople future directions on the above, can be found HERE.