Treating You As Stupid, They Really Are!

stupid  The latest crass statement from Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin during the party’s annual Wolfe Tone commemoration, again shows how stupid they think the public is.

Martin stated Fine Gael has an increasingly right-wing agenda – and he is right – but in giving out about Fine Gael doing this in government, why the hell is he and his sick party therefore still continuing to prop them up there?

They massively helped put them there in the first place.

Fianna Fail is like a car taking a bank robber to its target – then giving out about the crime soon after…

RTE (LINK) has gone on to report:

“Mr Martin said that his party had succeeded in stopping many of the most damaging Fine Gael policies…”

So lets get this straight – Fianna Fail having taken the bank robber to its target, is trying to claim credit for stopping the thief from taking a lot of what it stole – but still letting the guilty get away with some of its ill gotten gains? They then continue (in support) to drive the thief to their next eventual crime scene…

…Then Fianna Fail have the incredible nerve to come looking for “Thanks” (later votes) for their great effort?

Fine Gael and Fianna Fail in this case alone really do think the public is entirely stupid not to be able to see though all this PR hogwash.

They are collectively and individually, a national disgrace.

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