Two Rules. One For Us. One For Them!

14292284_1384522828242683_5965465444283406875_nThe statement by Leo Varadkar stating that his political partner Michael Noonan answers only to the Dail, once again exposes just how both (a) how little the Fine Gael party thinks of it’s actual people of Ireland in respect and (b) that they think they don’t even have to adhere even to set-ups they also have occasionally created, to carry out inquiries.

Michael Noonan ducked and dived calls to appear before the public accounts committee to be questioned on Nama’s Project Eagle sale. In this stubborn stance, he was backed up by fellow party members.

Whenever the Fine Gael party wishes to try (a) get a head of a crises that they could be involved in (b) control any possible questions by direct control or third party selected, they invent yet another inquiry that is usually stacked in their favour (Fine Gael are not the only ones to do this however). Just don’t ask them to be on the other side of the question table though?

As many know now, many of these powerless, expensive inquiries try at least to call upon persons connected to matters, to answer questions lingering. Everyone in the state is supposed to be able to be questioned. No one is above another in the eyes of a state investigation – that’s the theory!

In practise, we see once again that Fine Gael thinks its people more special than everyone else. They can’t be questioned by even similar elected, trying to seek out answers. Not even in places that they all too rush to use, when on the other side of a question table!

Why are they running scared and only willing to answer question just on the Dail chamber? Is it because, for anyone to asked a question there, individual time of elected is limited? Is it because if there is too accurate a question or to revealing a question, the Ceann Comhairle, usually favouring Fine Gael, can put a quick stop to such questions by stepping in and making an excuse for a minister not to answer?

Heaven forbid that a minister might be called in to a room and asked questions, time more unlimited, questions more accurate and more revealing, that they expose (a) just how bad they are at their job, (b) how un-knowledgeable they are or (c) how culpable also they might be?

Meanwhile, right now, elected Fine Gael thinks it doesn’t have to do what they demand of others on a regular basis – be accountable to the people and state.

As far as Fine Gael thinks, it’s one rule for voters lower regarded and another special rule for them – the political untouchable Mafia that is Fine Gael and all that sail with it – that do so to this day, in a continuing stench of corruption and downright arrogance! They all have learned well from their current schoolteacher?

“Heads” they win again – “Tails” the public loses again… “Old politics” in Ireland is alive and kicking – kept resuscitated by a Fine Gael/Fianna Fail cabal.

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