Two Sides – One Coin = Fine Gael & Fianna Fail

Fine Gael Fianna Fail Coin

1619462_708528839180188_51507720_nIf you wish to gauge at present just how close Fine Gael and Fianna Fail are at present – or how indeed they treat women, you don’t have to look further than Kildare and the way Cllr Fiona McLoughlin Healy was alleged treated even by her own party?

The lady FG council representative of Kildare called previously for a debate on the giving out of 1916 commemoration grants. She did this after finding our about possible conflict of interests that had to do with a FF opposition representative also from her area.

For her efforts, amazingly, other fellow FG councillors got together at a quiet meeting (without her in attendance of course) with their fellow FF numbers, then allegedly agreed that neither of them would apparently support motions from the lady in the future. For all appearances, they effectively ganged up on her and ostracised her. It wouldn’t matter a damn how good her motions (ideas) would be. For her questioning of something she had suspicions about and calling for an open debate on related matters, she was then treated poorly by possible colluding parties.

To make matter worse, the Fine Gael newsletter (official known as the Irish Independent) apparently also had a go at her too it seems. The reason being, for her even having the nerve to challenge people and something she thought needed to be questioned. She has also been shunned by visiting Simon Coveney and Michael Noonan when they came to visit her area its reported. What a way to treat anyone?

For daring to question what has been going on, its said the lady has been now called to further defend herself and her trying to question about what the hell was or still is going on in her area!

Something stinks in Kildare and maybe a greater investigation is called for if there is indeed something more dodgy going on – especially if there is money involved? The alleged colluding of Fine Gael and Fianna Fail representatives certainly alludes to the fact that both parties are just about two sides of a same coin? Something many people have been saying for some time in Ireland.

The lady should think seriously of leaving the party if this is the way they treat people in general – never mind joining up to undermine and possible attack! Dirty “Old Politics” care of the parties usually carrying it out, is still alive and kicking it seems? Not good lads – not good at all!

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