Two Tier Health System Alive & Well

sind This morning (06-11-2016) Ireland citizens woke to a glaring right bottom corner advert on the front of the Sunday Independent. In being on the front page, having taken up such large space there also, the cost to the marketing department putting it there, would in the possible €25,000+ range – for just one advert.

To Beacon hospital directors, the cost of the advert would be, at the end of the day, not much to give a second thought over. To an outside person however, that does give a damn about improving Irish health care, that one advert would be the same amount in yearly wage, of a nurse or other possible hospital staff member.

Beacon Hospital however, is a private hospital. So even if an elected TD was actually willing to get up off their backside and reverse their parties quiet privatisation agenda (of everything possible!) and look at the advert background, there would be little they could do – unless there were sitting at the hospitals board of directors table – like some of our now ex-TD’s actually do.

two-tierIn marketing aim, the advert is meant to covey (we assume) that if you or someone you know is sick with cancer, the Beacon Hospital is the first place to go (…in other words cough-up more money to them eventually).

The advert mentions a bone treatment that we can only be left to assume, is not widely available elsewhere? The advert is in side-effect also (a) a plug for private business to try make more money out of the sick and (b) an open sign of the current two tier health system in Ireland that all too much exists. The average citizen is not really supposed to think in the terms of (a) or (b). They are only supposed to see the advert and think “That’s the place to go.


The general definition of a two tier health system is where government provide healthcare along the lines of minimum basic care and those with more money in their bank accounts get to avail of all the countries best equipment, far greater access to life saving drugs and workers skilled in their own medical field.

All this is supposed to come at additional better quality and faster access. The second level will cost you far more money. The second level means that profiteers get to make money out of you because you are sick. A more healthy nation makes them far less money.

UP Position.

Baby foot UnitedPeopleUnitedPeople would like to do away as much as possible, with the growing two tier heath system. Truth be told, we will not likely ever see an end to such a system – for someone will always try to make money out of others pain or misery – but we don’t think it’s fair at all, that lives to this very day are decided upon if you have money in your bank account or not.

Any political parties supporting such a system, is supporting low moral business that is also, at end of day, out to make greed gain over others striving just to stay alive or suffer through sickness. Quite frankly, there is something morally wrong about this way to stuff one’s own pockets with further cash.

What’s Morally Right?

UnitedPeople fully supports the rights of individuals to try improve their lives in terms of financial profitability and other ways of gain.  We seek to improve many business areas and SME’s – many details of such, can be found in our many website sections.

When it comes to the current two tier health system in Ireland however, we take the moral stand that people’s lives should come before personal greed. There are just some things more so we should be standing back from and saying:

“Lets not go there. It’s not right.”

Until we wake up more and start saying this – then following it up by action – the current two tier health system in Ireland, will continue. Some could argue that our national health system is being deliberately run down quietly to allow private profiteers come in and say:

“We can do things better if you turn it all over to us.”

As Hinchinbrooke Hospital in England found out however quiet recently, this is not the case in reality also (see section “Learn From Others” HERE).

The Old Political Parties.

Without doubt, a number of political parties are further using quiet back-door methods to slip in more and more ways for private profit seekers to gain. This in turn is actually increasing our two tier national health system  and completely undermining our national health system. We consider such action nothing short of traitorous to Ireland and it’s people. UnitedPeople aims to expose these people and where possible, hold them to account. If they laws don’t exist to hold them to account, we would then create them through new legislation.

medical-563427_960_720UnitedPeople thinks it’s disgrace full that despite many election promises to do better, old political parties are continuously empty later in action and failing to resolve the current two tier health system in Ireland. Same parties are in effect, allowing a further financial exploitation of those physical or mental impaired, sick or dying. This is just not good enough! Such people should be peacefully ran out of elected office.

If the current government or those supporting it sickeningly, still won’t change their ways, they again sow the seeds of their own eventual destruction. The public is seriously becoming more aware of their continuous failures and u-turning. Sadly however, given elected traitorous actions, the further destruction of any decent health care system that still exists, might be further undermined before they are voted out of office – under the present democratic system. This here too, is why UnitedPeople seeks also to improve the current political system through Participatory Democracy – see HERE. In short, more citizen ability and elected accountability.

If people want things to better change and end the current two tier health system, they have got to simply vote for new alternatives more. Voting for the same old, who then carry on as before… is only aiding the two tier health system to be allowed continue and even worse, grow further.

We should be closing the current widening  gap between those that are sick but can’t afford to be well, and those that are sick and only get the best treatments at quicker speed. When it comes to ending a two tier health system, your vote really does matter.

Ireland doesn’t need more Beacon style hospitals, it needs more decent politicians and a one level health system. The latter is what UnitedPeople is determined to create.

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