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UP Campaigns.

UnitedPeople is in the process of addressing a number of many issues. Some of these are:

Social Welfare – Environment – Transport – Education – Healthcare
Agriculture and Fisheries – Democracy – Taxation – Finance
Tourism – Crime – Legal – Data Protection
Women In Politics – Human Rights
– Other Issues

See HERE for more detail on the above.

UnitedPeople is also campaigning on a number of specific other matters which is having now or will have in the future, a further detrimental effect on the people of Ireland and possibly further. Listed below are just some of them.


The Irish Water Services Issue.


  • UnitedPeople is firmly against the current attempts to by Fine Gael and others, to see that the public is yet again recharged for their water and systems that bring it to them.
  • UnitedPeople is against the bullied installation of water meters and their monitoring usage.
  • UnitedPeople opposes the still continued existence of "Irish Water", the private company.

boycott_irish_waterUnitedPeople members for over three years, have being battling against the above and continuing to highlight matter matters surround the above, across social media, travelling around Ireland attending many meetings and communicating in person and other methods, to ensure successful opposition to the whole bullied in racket, remains strong opposed through peaceful opposition.

Further writing and information on this issue can be found HERE.

The TTIP Treaty.


SSVUnitedPeople  rejects the imposition of the soon to be, also bullied in TTIP treaty. There are many good reasons for our complete opposition to it. Many other people across the width of Europe are deeply concerned also over many aspects of it. For more detail why we oppose it and will not abide by it, see the material provided HERE.


Fluoride – Be Gone!

photoUnitedPeople would halt the continuing dumping of the drug Fluoride into Ireland’s water system. For a start, no express permission has been given by 99.9% of people for the government to simply do so.

Consecutive governments in doing it – now a private company – are open to question possible about they conflicting with parts of Irish law as they continue to do it. It is also possible, not only is the drugging of people with Fluoride not necessary but the version of the drug the state is dosing people with, could be actually the wrong type also.

Ireland remains one of the very last few countries in Europe to continue drugging its people through a water system – with or without consent gained to do it.

More content HERE.


Ireland's Natural Resources.

tractorThere is much that is natural in green Ireland. Part of the genuine reason the country is so green is simply because of an average good balance of sunshine and rainfall that Ireland gained from nature. UnitedPeople's default position is always to protect what we natural have and when possible, further enhance it. 

There are issues to be addressed within green Ireland and also off our very shores too. UnitedPeople has begun a long hard task of addressing as many of these areas as possible. Will we be right in what we propose every time? Probably not in truth - but the first step to solving an issue, is to recognise it exists and then try tackling it. By regular communicating with those also involved in such areas, UP members participating alongside others, witnessing issues at times with our very eyes, we have started HERE to do all just that.


The Seetec Threat!

UnitedPeople is deeply concerned about the growing intimidatory threat that is Seetec. UnitedPeople is currently gathering more intelligence through research and interviews with citizens. UnitedPeople has set-up a Facebook private page dedicated to it. Please contact UnitedPeople if you wish access.

Like others, Seetec - a private company - also has been given a nation of personal data without the express permission of citizens previously listed under state social services. The states total free willingness to hand over such data to a private company is of EXTREME worrying concern to UnitedPeople. We are addressing this growing issue also.

If you wish to share your Seetec experience - in total strict confidence - you can email us at: admin@unitedpeople.ie

Seetec is also a further growing example of older political parties agenda, to more privatise once state services and departments. This is something that has been quietly going on un-announced.

A page dedicated to explain further about Seetec can be found HERE.


More Women In Politics


Without a shadow of doubt and no hesitation, we can say that more women is needed in Ireland politics. UnitedPeople is attempting to address situation. It's founder has gone to serious extensive trouble and time already on this important issue. The reasons for lack of greater female participation are varied. You can read more about UnitedPeople's ongoing attempts to increase women numbers in politics HERE.


The Bad Privatisation agenda.

Since the start of the century for Ireland, its become more apparent that there is a quiet agenda by old political parties to further break-up state services and bit by bit, quietly, undemocratic privatise it all. Part of these more public objected to attempts was the proposed loss of part of the nations forestry, the destruction of state employment services and the bullied in private company Irish Water which legal-wise, was deliberate left also unaccountable to the state Ombudsman department. Hospital services and local council services have gone the same route. National bus services and transport routes are being also quiet back-door privatised by sale and break-up. This continued destruction of what the state is meant to own but is giving away, has got to stop! There will be far less for future generation government to have control over, for our children to come. Private business and corporations will be too much 'calling the shots'.

UnitedPeople is campaigning to not only stop the tide of quiet destruction but turn the flow back favourably for the people, so that they can again have greater say over the services they are being being still charged for in taxation - but that private interests are presently self-profiting.

  • Click HERE to go to the short campaign page.
  • Click HERE to go to the detailed campaign page.

The EU Army.

eu-664517There can be no doubt about it, a new EU army is currently being formed. As regards Ireland, a supposedly neutral country, it has being quiet attached to this army - again like other alarming things going on behind the citizens backs - all without their democratic permission!

Ireland's once neutrality is gone but exists only in the fantasy spin still tried to be PR sold to public by political parties - same parties who are actually involved in undermining it and giving it away! Even worse, the EU army has enter Ireland more so into a new arms race and also increased its military expenditure.

All this again, is being carried out without the express permission of the people within Ireland. Old political parties are churning ahead with it all. To find out more click HERE to become better informed and maybe better involved in its opposing.


A Cult Exposed (Scientology).

time-cover-402x536x8  One of the most insidious cults around at the moment worldwide, is the one under the front name of “Scientology”. The Scientology organisation (business) now operates worldwide. This in part has come about due the cult managing to indoctrinate by professional seduction methods, some very famous people and then later gaining massively in financial terms from them.  

There is much that can be said about the cult that is Scientology. However, we shall try keep THIS page to an informative shorter section, giving a summary of the organisation, along with continuous updated links to further locations of detailed information and news.


The Personal Data Abuses.


There is simply too much personal information being giving away by consecutive governments, which they have collected on citizens of Ireland. They have been giving people information to private companies, domestic and foreign, and other questionable groups political parties have set-up to pursue an agenda of their own. The given away personal data has been subsequently been used for intimidation, bullying and for the use of outright threats against people in Ireland. This has got to stop! 

The right to privacy should be an absolute default position. before ANY information is given away, transferred or even loaned out to others, the persons involved should be notified and their clear permission sought, to allow such a procedure. No if's - no buts!

UnitedPeople takes this matter extremely serious and is seeking to do something about the still on going matter. A page shall appear on this site shortly discussing this campaign further.

Content here and connected pages, will be continuously updated throughout the next few days.

Should anyone wish to contact UnitedPeople above the above or more, please feel free to use the provided contact box below or email: admin@unitedpeople.ie