Want To Be Honest? Answer Truthfully Then?

Brendan Howlin says that Labour wants to be honest with the people. Great news – they have to start sometime? Will they therefore, start being honest about the following?

1. Do Ireland people pay for their water services at least two to three times already?

2. Why do they now use the Seanad as a perk for those that got failed to be elected and unwanted by the public?

3. Why is Labour forcing the unwanted upon the public through the Seanad?

4. Why is Labour now exploiting the Seanad when they campaigned vigorously to get rid of it?

5. Why have they saddled the citizens with €64 Billion of debt that was not theirs created but told to pay?

6. Why are they avoiding the topic of water meters, they being bullied in and monitoring usage?

7. Why are they too silent about needed greater constitution amendment to ensure better natural resources protection from privatisation?
8. Why are they assisting FG/FF/Greens continuing an agenda of state privatisation by back-door?

9. Why are they upping their own pay and perks again while not allowing public workers to gain a rise since 2008?

10 Why are they allowing Apple, Google, Startbucks and others to use complete fiction regarding addresses, offices and staff, to massive tax dodge to the tune of over 300 Billion?

11. Why are they not calling for an alleged elected person that silenced Garda in Donegal over Mary Boyle case, to be held accountable?

12. Why did they interfere with the postcode tender process and then force in the already outdated Eircode company they wanted?

13. Why have they total sly sneak in a law on last day of their government Dail position, which reduced information drastically – including trying to bury their expenses antics?

14. Why have they allowed Fine Gael to make a complete and utter balls up of the HSE, standing by it all along?

15. Why along with other parties in government, have they allowed priests and their orgs to escape legal prosecution for child abuses?

16. Why have they allowed orgs total escape paying €1,4 Billion that they were supposed to pay back to state?

17. Why are they not insisting on a REAL Gadra fruad investigation ver what happened on the days surrounding the bank-bailout that set the state into crises for years?

18. Why are they complicit in quietly giving our neutrality away?

19. Why, after slapping a bill of €64 Billion on people that had no hand in creating, they are rejecting the €13 Billion the people is actually owed? is it because of their previous ‘blind eye’ to corporate legal tax dodging using fiction?

20. Why are they all too quiet over Mr Noonan, a FG bondholder, getting to decided if he should ‘burn’ himself along with other European bondholders! (its called elsewhere akin to “insider trading”). Why are they not calling for a Garda financial investigation?

21. In astoundingly supporting more right-wing [policies, they they crazy assist in brining in 40+ other upped taxes besides more financial taking inventions?

22. Why are they also allowing a media mogul to repeatedly buy more and more Ireland media?

23. Why are they all too quiet about other parties in government corruption and immoral antics?

24, Why did they allow 20 Garda waste six months over one TD delayed for an hour and who had an empty water balloon thrown at her! Not forgetting about dragging kids out of their beds in the early hours of the morn like they were big drug criminals?

25 Why are they still seeing that public and business alike, is charged (only country in EU) for FOI access?

26. Why are they all too quiet about the Ansbacher tax dodging affair buried from public eye?

27. Why are they all too quiet about the massive Anglo loans gained by simple phone call with little or no paperwork?

28. Why are they in joint partnership with others to ram an undemocratic TTIP treaty down the throats of of a nation?

29. Why are they allowing Abtran and Seetec (private companies) and more, to continue take over once state department services?
30. Why are they complicit in allowing Bertie Ahern to escape REAL Garda investigation?

31. Why are they trying to impose the notion that people are now already paying for pater services?

32. Why are they quiet party to the ramming in of membership to the new EU army?

33. Why are they standing by the bin charges hikes and all too silent about additional service charges?

34. Why did they crazy still stay in government as Enda Kenny repeatedly came out with pure fairy tales at home and on the international stage?

35. Why are they complicit in Constitution Convention, burying an 83% vote calling for the re-instatement of Participatory Democracy and avoiding the topic even for further discussion?
36. Why are they crazy allowing the handing over of a nations data to private companies like Abtran and Seetec – all without express permission?

37. Why have they allowed the illegal VRT tax to be still slapped on people – while telling same people to obey other laws?

38. Why did they bring in the legislation to allow banks to evict in two months than previously twelve?

39. Why have Labour stood too quiet by, allowing Enda Kenny and Alan Kelly to repeatedly, allegedly take money – meant to go to vital areas around the state – and then transfer the grabbed money to projects within their own areas before elections?
40. Why are they also too quiet about the “Golden Circle” and the “Drumconrda Mafia” that operated? Why no proper Garda investigation there either?

Just a few questions above to begin with – there’s loads more the people wish to ask.


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