Water Meters Still Quiet Installed

waterIn order to try diffuse the national protests around Ireland to do with Fine Gael and Co trying to see 1.6 million+ people recharged yet again for water services, the impression that came for their government was apparently the installing of meters would halt for nine months? If this was indeed the impression they were attempting, reality on the ground – or in it – continues to say different.

Over the last few months near daily reports continue to show up through social media exposing that the bullied installation of water meters upon people continues unabated around the country.

In order to continue the job of installing meters, workers contracted by Irish Water are reportedly now driving around in plain white vans using a different side imprinted name upon them. They don’t operate in large groups that might attract even more protest numbers. They just turn up, early morning unannounced in lesser numbers quietly – we say quietly – till jackhammer’s begin breaking ground!

file-photo-according-to-todays-irish-indepedent-work-on-water-meters-will-be-stopped-in-areas-where-there-was-violent-protests-752x501In a number of cases to mask what they are up to, they don’t put up the now infamous red/orange barriers around the area in which a meter is being installed – regardless if you wanted one or not, a private company is sticking one in! Instead, they are dressed in the same fashion as a council worker whom you might be left assuming, is just there fixing a council pipe in the street. Deliberate impression? Indeed… A good question?

The Fine Gael fronted government made up of Endapendents and Fianna Fail in the quiet background, continues to see them installed while hoping a supposed nine month period of ‘suspension’ will take the anger from people that has had them protesting for over two to three years now.

With regular reports that the meters are still being sneaked into the ground outside people’s property however, the issue has indeed not gone away nor has the people awareness of the whole issue. Speak to any informed, objecting householder and its likely they will tell you a few things.

  1. They are very much aware of the government’s stalling tactics to try quell them.
  2. Their willingness to continue protest locally & nationally, has not died.
  3. They WILL remember at election times (local elections are next up) who stood by them and who is involved in the whole water services, press-gang, recharging scheme.
  4.  They await the next inevitable attempt to back-door recharge them for water services yet again by a direct or sly in-direct means.

In short, they are very aware of more than the government thinks they know – or would less like them to know. The water recharging issue still is in the minds of many around the country. They are just waiting for the next stunt to be played by an opposition side that just as much likes to operate quietly and try get away with more, besides upfront attempting another costly PR exercise that’s possible again, doomed to fail.

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