Water Recharges & Election – What’s FF To Do?

boycott_irish_water  Everyone in the country with half a brain, knows where Fine Gael stubborn sit as regards water recharging. They wants the public yet again to be bulled into being forced pay for water services for a fourth time1.

Fine Gael once are also not only capitulating to the demands of their EU masters, but willing themselves, to see the public stabbed in the financial back, yet again.

They also continue to chase their own invented party agenda – not caring about what the public actually wants! Fine Gael as such, have NO mandate from the public to impose water recharging. If they even try to say they do – only 25% of the 65% of total voters (who came out) in Ireland, actually support their policy positions. A serious number minority indeed.

The coming Water Commission report with its obvious conclusion however throws a spanner ‘into the works’ for Fine Gael. The farce commission with its conclusion – one only to be expected as FG set-up the commission in the first place – will state that the public must be recharged (again) in some way for their water services.

The report first of all, will be blatant lie by saying that the public have to to be “charged” in some fashion – when in fact, if the members of the commission were actually 100% honest, they would state the public might have to be “Recharged“.

All the mainstream parties are avoiding the word “Recharged“. Why this is so, the public should ask! To UnitedPeople, the answer is obvious. If they were to state “Recharged“, it would be an open admission that the public are being yet again being bullied to cough up again, with every sentence used with the word.

Fine Gael, Labour and Fianna Fail, etc can’t be having that!

The Cock-Up.

Fianna Fail have been all over the place as regards the whole water issue. They and the Green Party through a signed “Memorandum Of Understanding”, opened the legal doors for the Troika (three EU banking institutions) so that water recharging could be tried yet again on the people of Ireland. They and the rest of the mainstream parties thought – like too many other things – they could just get away with it all again. They quickly discovered how wrong they were!

So the Fianna Fail merry dance with the public began in PR u-turns, pre-election and post election. When they are not twisting and turning, they and the rest are deliberate silent about matters they wish to now avoid (like the continued existence of “Irish Water” itself and the still ongoing installation of meters).

With the soon farce Water Commission report soon to be published, Fianna Fail will have to yet again clearly state where they stand. They will of course try to play both sides – it’s what they have done so far – but like it or not,  they will have to state once more to the public, on what side they stand as regards the Water Commission ultimate conclusions. If they are seen to try playing both sides (again) they will pay a costly price for it at the next local elections (coming soon) and general election (possible coming even sooner?).

The Irish Examiner call the water recharging attempts as:

“…the greatest political cock-up in living memory2

We agree. It’s hard not to. Mainstream parties are PR reeling from one part mess to another surrounding the whole issue. The water recharging attempts still ongoing, has exposed national elected liars, financial back-stabbers and even national traitors.

The Predicament.

We know where Fine Gael and Labour stand – they want to recharge everyone again. End of story!

Fianna Fail with the results of the publishing of the commission report, will have to state (a) if they support some sort of recharging process or (b) stand with the public and accept no recharging?

  • If they sly try to support recharging again, they then are supporting the Fine Gael party.
  • If they don’t support recharging efforts, they have to vote against the Fine Gael party – and this would trigger a possible general election – and they know it.

All the mainstream parties wish to avoid another general election for a number of reasons. One of those serious reasons is financial. They are trying to desperately re-build their finances which are very low. Fianna Fail therefore doesn’t wish – at the moment – to trigger a general election so they face having to say one thing “We don’t support water charges” (note: they won’t say “recharges“) and they have to in contradiction, also support Fine Gael in order to stave off an early election. It could be the usual dose of double standards from Fianna Fail, that many of the public has come to again expect.

What this means in media terms. is that the public will most likely be led on another merry Fianna Fail PR dance! Their fence sitting position  again will be rocking from side to side, for those able to spot it.


Fine Gael

The water recharging issue is make or break for Simon Coveney. If he screws this chance to recharge the public, his chances to take over the Fine Gael party are just about gone. He knows it and a good deal of the Fine Gael party know it.

Enda Kenny appears to be wants to hang on to the bitter end3. Sure why not! He’s just voted himself another massive bump in wages. He had to be around in order to collect it. Much to the annoyance of other Fine Gael members too spineless to remove him, Enda looks to remain on till he gets his Trump shamrock and pope in Ireland blessing. He’s walking a very dodgy line as the water issue could see him out of office sooner than that!

Deliberate avoidance.

The other matters surrounding the water recharging attempts are still being best tried avoided.

  1. The continued existence of “Irish Water”, the private company, is a topic that the mainstream parties are deliberate not mentioning. They are hoping that if nothing more is said about their continued very existence, the public will just placidly roll over and accept in silent compliance, its continued expensive existence.
  2. Like-wise, the continued installing of water meters and their later usage, is being not mentioned. Main stream parties are hoping here too, the public will just get used to the idea. After that at a later stage, their specific reason for existing, to gauge water usage and then charge for it, will ultimately kick in!

Ultimately, the public will soon learn if they are being listen to – or as expected, they once again will be treated like dirt, to be bullied once again by political parties that will later incredulously ask for their vote also.

The upcoming commission report is going to again, expose the financial back-stabbers of Ireland the party they stand with.


Watch Out!

The public needs to watch out again for the next latest water recharging stunt – the soon expected water allowance allocation.

We should say “re-stunt“, for it was already tried before in the attempts to fool people to sign Irish Water contracts.

Previously, the “allowances” quietly vanished into the night without any official announcement. Fine Gael and Labour made a big song and dance about them previously when tried to use them to sway the public – but when it came to abandoning them, they were silently dropped. Now the same stunt is to re-emerge, no surprise – from the farce Fine Gael created commission.

The new PR expected regarding water allowances (which of course can be changed at any time by any government), are expected once again to be used as a method to fool people into water recharging contracts. Once Irish Water and Fine Gael have you legally, they WILL see you financial robbed more.

They will have got their claws into you and thereafter, your children, as they turn to adulthood.

Be Warned – And Warn Others!



  1. People are are already paying for their water services through motor taxation, Home charges and VAT (since the late 70’s).
  2. http://www.irishexaminer.com/viewpoints/columnists/daniel-mcconnell/its-sink-or-swim-time-for-government-432434.html
  3. http://thetimes.co.uk/article/3afa7c96-b1b9-11e6-bc53-a685ee82d104
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