Water Recharging – Here We Go Again

Water Charges.

getimage-2So the next con is about to be tried on (it’s one con after another with Fine Gael and Co).

The farce commission report is going to say that people won’t have to pay for “Normal usage” – but if they use too much, they will still get charged.


(a) “Normal usage” means you are going to be given yet another allowance PR pitch – like last time but was quietly unannounced withdrawn.

(b) An allowance means that it can be upped, downed or further charges added to it later.

(c) Still means that the state is going to use water meters to monitor YOU. (DOB will be happy. Not only did he put them in – he gets to replace them in 5 years all again, approx – as well as the many faulty ones in between)

(d) In certain cases, its going to lead to more unhygienic times in homes. Less washing or not flushing of necessary toilets etc?

(e) STILL leaves the legal ability OPEN in legislation to not only charge people – but up the prices later when the public have rolled over to this re-tried, re-PR’ed crap!

(f) Irish Water (still being allowed to exist!) is STILL NOT legal answerable to the National Ombudsman. This is a serious underlying issue.

(g) They not be long about reducing the ‘normal’ usage allowance and upping up the unit charge?

(h) It will allow Fianna Fail to back Fine Gael yet again! Bye bye Fianna Fail…

(i) A new regulator would protect people and tax payers just as much as they did for the public over banks? Lets think about that one!

(j) The millions in involved yearly to install even more meters and replace the ones broken – will only rise in national bill – will supposedly a far smaller amount of money is going to be collected? Do you seriously think a FF/FG government is going to allow this? Sooner or later, for one reason or other – up the bills and cut allowances, they will.

(k) We already pay through taxation – so its still another RECHARGE.

(i) “State becomes a customer of Irish Water” – so the state will beholden to a private company – that also can also still be sold off at any time by a future sneaky government. Bloody marvellous!

(m) Remember what happened to “allowances” for bin charges? Those wavers vanished within a year…

(n) Once again, the entire political Mafia are treating you as stupid – like just enough to daft swallow this entire rubbish!



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