Water Recharging Issue. Proceed With Caution!

The political antics surrounding Irish water (the resource – not the private company) and the recharging water issue, are continuing in Ireland.

joan_collins_newThe recent Dail Bill instigated by TD Joan Collins, to help protect against a privatisation agenda, has passed successfully. Much to the surprise of many, Fine Gael decided not to object to it. This left those that were willing to join Fine Gael in opposition (John Halligan – LINK) to the bill, as out on a limb and receiving public vilification for being willing to back opposition to it.

Fine Gael meanwhile, looking after their own immediate PR face and trying to save future election public face, backed down from opposing it – but made sure it was clear, they retained a right to alter it at a later date.

Housing Minister Simon Coveney stated (LINK) he was:

“…Reserving the right to make changes to an opposition law seeking to retain Irish Water in public ownership.”

Mr Coveney added:

“It is imperative that the Bill undergo the necessary deliberation and scrutiny at pre-legislative stage to ensure that its intention or wording does not run the risk of unintended consequences,”

Ms Collins was right to say that the FG Government was possible still leaving the mentioned option open,  so that future governments might still try to sell off the State’s water network to a private operator for profit.

Coveney is using the excuse that individuals’ constitutional rights to private property might be impinged, as to further keep a door/window clever open to later quiet sneaked in privatisation?


The Rub!

Joan Collins has stated her Dail Bill concerning water and attached services is:

“…Ensuring that it remains in Article 28, gives the people of Ireland a guarantee that the Government will have full responsibility for the public water system of this country.

Ireland has had a number of nightmares with privatisation — from the selling off of public housing stock to bin services and Telecom Éireann.
It is clear now that the people of this country reject privatisation, which is corrosive to the social fabric and disempowers citizens by taking crucial parts of the economy beyond their control,”

Fine Gael and other older established parties have been embarking on a quiet back-door privatisation process in all but name, with other state department areas and actual job allocations (see HERE).

It comes therefore as no surprise that Fine Gael (or others) later fearing any decent Dail legislation which might cut off their continuing quiet privatisation agenda, would pre-attempt to interfere with proceeding legislation, to be able then weaken it just enough so that they leave a possible back-door method, to continue their own agenda!

This is what everyone else NOW has to keep an eye out for.

We MUST protect our water, its additional attached treatment and distribution services through firm fortified legislation against privatisation attempts – be they from front attack or from the quiet rear!

What we must NOT do, is to just help bad elected to fortify “Irish Water” the company, from being open to change (if it’s still allowed to continue in existence) or closure, by enacted legislation that stops it from being public addressed.

seetec-work-prog-uniformIn the past, state department services have been quiet back-door privatised as such. councils now for example, tender out housing repairs and hiring of staff. Hospitals tender out hiring of nurses rather than hiring them more direct. Even canteen and cleaning staff are not always directly hired by a hospital. They too instead, go though a tendering company. The Education Department is handing over some of its duties to private companies. Social services are hiring home and foreign companies to do work once done by the state department. We could go on… It’s all pre-privatisation by a silent, public unannounced back-door process.

We must therefore MAKE SURE that not just our very water but attached managing services are fully protected against a  current quiet Fine Gael agenda to privatise the hell out of everything!

Once Upon A Time...
Once Upon A Time…

If we don’t, our future generations will not only forgive us – they will be left paying an even more hefty financial price than what we are already paying today!


NOTE: The topic of the continued existence of “Irish Water” – the continued quiet installation of meters and their later usage, has been deliberately dropped by certain political parties. They are now hoping that the public has become complacent enough in acceptance, that this is the way things will just be in the future.

We must NOT forget to keep raising such issues as the “Irish Water” company very existence and the also existence and usage of state bullied in meters.

Do NOT let these related issues drop. Fine Gael and more want you to! Their silence on these matters is deafening… That should tell the wise something!


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