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UnitedPeople offers a platform for anyone with a vision for a new Ireland based on the principles of participatory democracy.

UnitedPeople places the rights of Irish citizens above the interests of corporations and powerful individuals who have until now been looting the nation of it's wealth and natural resources.

There have been countless mistakes and questionable activities from our elected representatives in the past and this has materialised due to a historical lack of political accountability. We aim to change that.  

As you read through this site you will quickly discover that UnitedPeople intends to reverse the tide of corruption and financial exploitation in Ireland.

We want you to have a voice and take part in the types of open and honest debate you will never hear via the main stream media. We know you are tired of listening to their lies and empty promises.  

As a centre based party, UnitedPeople is open-minded and will examine all workable ideas from both the left and right ends of the political spectrum. 

We believe it should be possible to build a fairer and better society created by citizens, for citizens while placing them at the heart of decision making processes.

We want to inform, educate and inspire ordinary people. Please follow our blog and join us on Facebook. You will realise that you are not alone in wanting to make Ireland a better country.


UnitedPeople is all about positively improving the democratic process in Ireland through a number of progressive methods. The first of these ideas, which is ingrained in UnitedPeople's  constitution, is the concept of Participatory Democracy.

Participatory Democracy is about handing true democracy back to the people. If offers them the ability to hold their elected representatives accountable, all year and every year of their elected five year term in office. The ability of "Recall" is part of the process.

Participatory Democracy is also about giving the public the ability to call for realistic referendums on issues they are deeply concerned about. No longer would the public have to wait forever to see a matter addressed. Instead, if they can gain large numbers in backing support, they can instigate a process to highlight core issues that they are concerned with and see them actively addressed.

If you wish to know more in greater detail, we suggest you go make yourself a cup of tea or coffee, sit down and then click here to read up more on the topic.

Starting Positions.

Social Welfare - Environment - Transport - Education - Healthcare
Agriculture and Fisheries - Democracy - Taxation - Finance
Tourism - Crime - Legal - Data Protection
Women In Politics - Human Rights
- Other Issues

UnitedPeople also is addressing  a number of other local and national issues. With our "Starting Positions" document, UnitedPeople has begun outlining core areas that our members are very aware of and are addressing right now.

Those members have began positive steps to seek better solutions. Some of the issues actively being tackled include crime, homelessness, rural and urban area issues, natural resources, fishing, agriculture, health care,  self-employed, transport, social welfare, Ireland’s neutrality and much more!


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