What Hilary Clinton Is NOT Saying!

Clinton Cash

Clinton Cash Mrs Hillary Clinton has in the last 24 hours been caught again as having some serious damning questions to answer.

Her latest self-created farce involving her use of an alleged unauthorised email service, an illegal server and allegedly passing top secret information through it (that she was not authorised to do or pass on)  – she is now back in serious trouble with days to go before the US election.

Her Democratic party are trying desperately to make out that FBI director James Comey, is at fault  – and not herself. It’s a desperate attempt to try hold on to any undecided voters thinking of swaying toward herself, before the election day vote.

The Democrats are saying that James Comey should have said nothing. Then they go further. They say that he, himself, might have broke the law by continuing the investigation and disclosing that there was more evidence. If you were to believe the Democrats – you might just be far wrong!

What they are NOT saying…

What the Democrats are not saying is that James Comey assured Congress previously, he would alert them to any developments which gave him good cause to reopen the original investigation into Clinton’s emails. All this is on record.

The above is VERY important.

James Comey, in the last few days of discovering there was more damaging evidence against Mrs Clinton, immediately faced two choices.

  1. He waited until after the election next Tuesday before saying anything.
  2. Or …he alerted Congress immediately as obliged to do.

If he had waited – and Hillary won – then it was discovered that there was stuff on another laptop which materially changed the findings of the original FBI investigation, all hell would have broken loose. Why? Because he would have been immediately accused by the Republicans of withholding evidence long enough, to sway an election in favour of Mrs Clinton.

Donald Trump, already claiming a ‘rigged system’, would have went nuts and you can be sure a massive legal case would ensue. USA, even world media also would have crucified both Mr Comey for possible withholding or stalling an investigation by saying also nothing – and Clinton for being so dishonest or not (again) truthful forthcoming with the American people.

Right now Mr Comney is damned because he did state more evidence is now available – and he would have been damned by others instead, had he kept quiet!

James Comey decided to do his job as obligated to Congress and spoke up – so it’s the Democrats attacking him… They do this as partly hoping it will be a distraction away from Hillary Clinton, herself.

Mr Comey went public with the information by writing to Congress, revealing the existence of the laptop and the potential link to Clinton’s private email server. He concluded that the alternative option, suppressing this information until after November 8th would be even worse.

Legally therefore, had he NOT come forward and said anything, serious hot water he could have found himself in. The Democrats however, don’t wish the American public to kop all this.


Who is core blameable?

So let’s be honest… Who REALLY is to blame for this whole mess? …We can only conclude that it’s Mrs Hillary Clinton.

Mrs Clinton started this whole farce rolling by doing many things allegedly illegal. These are crimes that if it had been anyone else at all doing same, most likely they would have been quicker locked away by now.

The Democrats continue their attempts to deny the American voters the full facts of why  FBI director James Comey had to come forward as he did. They would rather use him as a distraction to make sure a possible serious criminal still gets their foot in the White House door and to its top desk.

If Mrs Clinton succeeds still in winning the Oval office – how will the new American president have any serious credibility on the world stage? Mrs Clinton now further stinks of having committed serious illegal acts just on her way to the White House doors.




For the record: UnitedPeople would not advocate USA voters choose Donald Trump instead. There is serious questions still to be answered involving him also.

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