“Where’s My Tickets?” A Senator Asks

20118793930328734_20This morning comes an attack by one newspaper on the unemployed and the assistance they have been given (see HERE) – however on the same day, comes yet another report that of TD’s or Senators enraged out about they (again) not been given tickets for sports events (see HERE) while other TD’s might have been perked in allocation?

The possible double-standards cannot but be found, as some TD’s or Senators in government try to equally enrage part of the public over issues they try advance (for their own gain also?) – such as some giving out about the unemployed – all the while they seek to gain further in things which the ordinary citizen might not have equal chance to gain?

Some TD’s and Senators that are already high paid, perked and pensioned along with their extensive holidays, two bars, a restaurant and a free sports gym at their Dublin place of work, are not happy that they were overlooked in the allocation of tickets. You really couldn’t make this stuff up!   Is it any wonder that many elected are then frowned upon by the general public? 

This has all got to change. A better system (Participatory Democracy) to hold them all to account is definitely needed as UnitedPeople is setting out to instigate. Just how long have the people of Ireland to put up with the antics of elected? As long as some of the present lot are trying to get away with all they can get – and more – it seems?

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