Will Someone Remove The Elected Clowns Off The Stage?

  It’s an unusual situation but incredible as it is, we can give more credit to Fine Gael (which part kills many) for standing by their dying stance over Irish Water than others do with Fianna Fail over the same issue.

The Fianna Fail Irish Water dance has gone on too far, beyond epic unfunny proportions.

Let’s be clear, the FIRST move was made clear by Fianna Fail as to how they stood on RE-charging for water services. It was Fianna Fail that signed the Memorandum Of Understanding with the Troika (3 banks), which open the doors further to the whole later Irish Water farce. the RE-charging for water services, the bullied in usage of meters and in effect, the eventual Jobstown, Burton versus the people protest, that would see teenagers dragged out of their beds in the early hours of a morning by what can only be called a considerable force of Garda.

The merry unfunny bloody dance that Fianna Fail has being going, has been one in order to reverse their deserved electoral kicking they got in the 2011 election. They are trying one way or other, to win back the populist vote. They will deny this but only the stupid or deliberate blind will go along with their denial.

A total non-partisan person – never mind someone that dislikes them – could easy say that Fianna Fail are all over the ruddy place with their position, double-standard filled, with water services recharging. They are back and forward, in a confusing mess, like a yo-yo.

This is why many could say, as much as it kills them, as least Fine Gael have the balls to stick with their stupid stance on the matter – no matter how wrong they are! Fianna Fail are just flaying about like an unfortunate drowning fool who stupidly didn’t clear take a position on safe land – and stay there! Fianna Fail have been jumping in and out of the Irish Water matter like idiots. They are all over the place. Their credibility from this alone, is shot to pieces.

…Meanwhile, the whole bunch of them continue to duck the topics of water meters still being bullied in, their usage, the topic of an improved protection constitution amendment to combat further resource and state service privatisations. Fine Gael and Fianna Fail continue to duck a lot of things they know the public would not like – but together as parties, they still are trying to ram down the throats of the nations people.

For the above and far more, neither of them deserve to be in elected office – at local or national level. More and more voters are agreeing with that sentiment.

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