Would Fine Gael or ANYONE Seriously Be So Stupid?

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waterThe latest news regarding the whole Irish Water recharging farce is that the private company now quietly wants permission to hire a debt collection agency to chase unpaid payments. They want to do this despite the government having decided to suspend charges until next year.

A tender quietly published on the 7th of October calls for the recovery of business debt and paves the way to tackle overdue domestic water charges. This has come about despite a supposed 9 month suspension of part  Irish Water operations, which many know is a load of hogwash – as they are still installing meters quietly (see HERE) even during the ‘suspension period of the invented commission. The commission was created to try take the heat off Fine Gael, Labour and Fianna Fail who started the whole mess.11196264_1605039503077731_5070376429743617000_n

Simon Coveney, the Fine Gael environment minister, who introduced the Water Services Amendment Bill to the Dail last June, has said:

“I hope the decision to have an assessment board and expert commission will help to depoliticise this issue”

If he thinks a farce commission is going to depoliticise the issue, he and Fine Gael are seriously deluded.



Irish Water in looking for tenders from other private companies includes the request for:

“debt collection proceedings in the district, circuit, and high court for the recovery of overdue non-domestic customer debt including ancillary services, debt collection legal services, and the option to extend collection proceedings to overdue domestic water charges.”

Fine Gael and Co are looking for a way to still financial recharge the public but in a way that ensures their hands are not directly seen to be doing it. Thus Irish Water is now looking to hire yet another private company to do the dirty work. The deadline for tender submissions is November 9th.

The Tender For Debt Collection Agencies
The Tender For Debt Collection Agencies

bewkc8icyaaf02vThe Questions Arises Then…

Would Fine Gael and any other political party, in allowing Irish Water to send out private agency debt collectors, be that darn stupid to allow it to come about? Seriously?

  • Do they deliberately want to turn an already national burning issue, into a far more explosive one on a daily or weekly basis?
  • Are they deliberately trying to ramp up the anger of a nation of people?
  • Do they not think that voters won’t remember who allowed this latest step to come about? 

img247Every debt collection agency attempt around the country to grab assets belonging to individuals or families, be it at a court house or at person’s property itself, will become hundreds, if not thousands of battlegrounds of public protest and possible public disruption! 

If ANY political party wishes to gain ANY modicum of chance to be successful at the next local or national elections, looking to come out as a winner, they won’t allow Irish Water’s latest crap to go ahead. If they do allow it to go ahead, the consequence’s will be on Fine Gael’s, Endapendent, Labour or even Fianna Fails heads! The situation will be dire.

ccqu3powoaesi5bAs the saying goes, if the debt collectors in time are called in and allowed start their antics, the s***t is really going to hit the fan!

Good luck to any FG/FF/Labour or independent getting elected after that. It’s not that they will need every Garda in the country at every court house or property, as debt collection agencies go do their thug work, they will possible need army back up too for extra protection. All of which is additional going to cost the state even more money?

If this latest Irish Water crap goes ahead, Fine Gael and Co will have declared war upon a nation of people protesting against being tried ripped off for something they KNOW they are already paying for at least two to three times. 

cqeczgdwgaav73f…So the final question is “Would Fine Gael or ANYONE be seriously so stupid to allow this next public attack phase to come about?”

Maybe – just maybe… It’s sure looking that way…

If that’s the case, they have forgotten one important political lesson Fianna Fail and Labour has previously learned to their vote cost – they too shall reap a consequence from what they sow! The parties have made some big mistakes already over this issue – but in allowing any private debt collection business to go 12717400_532591206918764_4652105680727725124_nbchase people, is by far going to be their biggest one yet! They will be adding more dangerous fuel to an already public burning angry fire. The possible coming consequences could be very serious indeed.

Besides the public protests at every possible debt agency action around the country in towns and villages, after the next local or national elections, they can’t say they weren’t warned of the consequences there too, for those looking to win over their local voting population? They are going to create one more massive group, made up of even more higher angered people – yet again on a national scale.



The post above had been confirmed by another newspaper. See HERE. The contract for a debt collecting agency has now gone out to tender as we said it would. If any agency is willing to consider getting a possible extreme contentious matter, remains to be seen.

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