Yahoo Admits USA Mass Spying Again

us-spying-on-allies  The phrase “They haven’t gone away you know!” once again can be applied to the USA spying agencies and the White House who has engaged a spying operation into hundreds of millions of emails through Yahoo servers. Yahoo is owned by Microsoft.

It has emerged that Yahoo last year complied to a secret demand from the US government to screen all of its worldwide customers’ incoming emails. The company is using a custom-built software program to scan hundreds of millions of Yahoo Mail accounts without informing their owners, Reuters reports.

Ignoring Own Laws

Part of the USA Patriot Act gave law enforcement agencies new powers through “Prism” — the secret NSA surveillance programme exposed by leaks from Edward Snowden – total access to content held by Yahoo, Google, Facebook, and other Silicon Valley companies.

chirac-sarkozy-hollandePreviously it had been discovered that America had been hacking I.T. systems, phone bugging and spying on the whole of Europe, from individual political representatives offices in many nations (along with having tapped into their phones too) to the UN buildings and many of the elected international representative there also. Sadly, besides putting up brief mock complaints about the mass spying, European nations leaders have instead then said little or nothing to hold the White House or the agencies involves, to further legal account. In fact, as in the case of Germany, they have even further assisted the USA to continue such operations even after they were exposed!

After the massive spying operation was exposed, there was a brief PR exercise, new laws was brought in to supposedly curtail such mass spying by agencies emanating from American borders. However, the same agencies then went and shifted their operations to foreign countries. Germany and the UK now have centers which operate on behalf of the USA, in order to continue their spying operations on as many people as possible.

Cost and Numbers

Uncovered reports have previously revealed a massive spike in home spying on alleged “suspected terrorists”. Costs of such operations has increased massively under the Obama administration. An additional bill of over $11 billion dollars continues to grow in attempt to cover up their still possible illegal activities. US citizens however hear little about such operations as US media has been gagged and everything ordered classified.

The huge increase in spy agency spending is part of the 12,000+ “special ops” which are are currently deployed in various covert operations, on a daily basis to over 75 countries around the world. The spying massive continues.

132803_600What little is known, is that US Courts have allowed 1,579 applications domestic spying operations alone within the USA. Reason given? “Foreign intelligence purposes”. There has been at least 96 applications for access to USA business records and an incredible 24,287 “national security letter” requests to spy on 14,212 different U.S. persons.

Previously while Obama marched around on a campaign trail with repeated promises of “transparency”, there was in fact a sharp rise in national security secrecy under his watch. This too was matched by a sharp increase in financial costs of spying systems, causing related costs to a whopping $11.42 Billion – a new record high.


If They Don’t Get You One Way…

Previously. when Apple refuse to comply to spy agencies demands that the company give them access to tap into people through their phone digital system, they instead hacked Apple iPhone’s in order to continue their still ongoing operations. There is no word from Apple who now knowing that their iPhones are being tapped into (like many other companies), are going to further instigate improved software upgrades, to stop their USA spying. Its thought likely not.

Such is the powers of the USA Patriot Act, draconian demands by agencies cannot be even reported – even if complied with or not. Anyone under investigation through powers used in the Patriot Act cannot even tell anyone else that they are being investigated – not even their own lawyers in order gain their assistance to try defend themselves! The USA Patriot Act in short has give America’s spy agencies carte blanche to do what they like and when they can’t legally do it from American soil, they shift a base of operations to another nations soil, to scout around their own nations laws.

Note: The same principle applies to the prisons for captured people by American soldiers abroad. “Gitmo” (Guantanamo Bay Naval Base) Prison in Cuba is being allowed continue exist so that home USA torture laws can be scouted around. Alleged buildings secretly used in Germany by American agencies as well as suspected other operations in foreign countries, are also being used to house prisoners while the Americans continue to water-board and use other recognised torture methods on victims for any information.

Its suspected that Shannon Airport in Ireland has been previously used to transport captured people to and from America. No extradition warrants were issued from point of original grabbing or applied for, as the American “Renditions” were carried out. International laws there too, were scouted around by USA agencies. Complicit European nations continue to turn a convenient blind eye to it all.

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